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Found 7 results

  1. Repackaging one of the greatest mods to ever exist in this game Astronomer's Visual Pack, until now, was only barely compatible with the latest versions of Kerbal Space Program, due to the use of the decrepit EVE 7-4. This was until a user by the name of "RangeMachine" ported the old version of EVE to Kerbal Space Program 1.1, and subsequently 1.2. This allowed the barely-working E.V.E. 7-4 mods to finally breathe once again in a new generation of Kerbal Space Program. I have taken the time to update and repackage both AVP: Edge of Oblivion and Interstellar v2 for Kerbal Space Program 1.2 and beyond, with none of Astronomer's original work modified. Downloads (I know everyone will stop reading past this haha) Compatiblity configs for planet packs Two reasons why this new download exists: one, because I was dumb and named the previous mod page what it is right now and cannot change it, and two, this iteration of the repackaging marks a step forward in the mod, rather than staying behind on E.V.E. 7-4 ports we move on to the latest E.V.E. Oh, and since all the cool kids are doing it, I've decided to include instructions for installing KSPRC's textures with AVP. Installation The download is in a drag-and-drop structure, with the texture resolutions being modular on GitHub. There are three downloads for the textures, 2k, 4k, and 8k. Features - All features present in the original AVP. (I have barely added any of my own touches, mostly irrelevant config tweaks.) 8k Kerbin clouds Bioluminescent clouds for Laythe 7 8k cloud layers for Jool Glow for all non-atmospheric bodies where relevant 8k auroras Sandstorms and surface dust Snow on Kerbin, Duna, and Laythe Lightning on Eve, Kerbin, Duna, and Laythe 4k custom skybox by Astronomer Optional compatiblity with KSPRC textures High-res volumetric clouds Compatiblity with most other cloud packs. Prepackaged mods: Featuring the mods (must install dependencies): Environmental Visual Enhancements Thank you rbray for the legendary visual enhancements mod, and thank you Waz for maintaining it. ModuleManager Thank you sarbian for making KSP modding possible at this scale. TextureReplacer Thank you shaw for allowing the community to replace the game's textures, and thank you RangeMachine for maintaining it. Scatterer Thank you blackrack for the atmospheric scattering, which alone enhances KSP's visuals greatly. Kopernicus Thank you Thomas P. for allowing us to modify KSP's planets and create entirely new worlds. Optional enhancements: KSPRC (textures only) Thank you Proot for a legendary complete overhaul of the game's visuals, of which the trademark terrain and land feature textures are used in this mod. Distant Object Enhancement Thank you MOARdV for making planets actually visible in the dark void. Planetshine Thank you Valerian for the immersive Planetshine effect in Kerbal Space Program. Chatterer Thank you Athlonic for the enhanced audio experience, with chatters , ambient noise, and, well, noise in general. Previously featuring: Kerbal Visual Enhancements Thank you RangeMachine for bringing back E.V.E. 7-4. OPMclouds Thank you Eleusis La Arwall for the original cloud configurations for the Outer Planets Mod. Support I'm commonly active on the Kerbal Space Program Subreddit Discord, go ahead and ping me there if you need help. You can also just reply below with your KSP.log and perhaps a screenshot. FAQ: Q: Help! Weird floating terrain chunks! A: Please check around the forums and internet before asking a question, as this one has been answered hundreds of times. Turn off scatterer's ocean shaders. Q: Lag. A: Use a lower AVP-Textures. Lower your KSP settings. Turn off "EVE-Scatterer integration" in scatterer settings (note that this setting makes all planets look much more natural, looks may be off with this feature disabled). Q: How do I fix the look of clouds hovering above the horizon, detached from the atmosphere? A: I did the best I could to naturalize the look, but there's no more I can do. The clouds will hover above the horizon, it's something in the code of EVE. It's only a couple pixels width, anyways. License: LGPL (This license is most similar to Astronomer's statement in the license.txt in the original Astronomer's Visual Pack) Donations: Of course, there are no donations going to me! If you would like to donate, please give to the original developer of AVP, Astronomer himself! Screenshots: Note: Due to the incredible similarities between this mod and Matchlight's "Andromeda Visuals: Daydream", I'd like to state that I was the first to update and repack Astronomer's Visual Pack for 1.2.2, and did not copy Matchlight's mod in any way. In fact, I had adapted AVP configs for the new EVE all on my own. The old download is almost identical to Matchlight's mod.
  2. Andromeda Visuals: Daydream [0.3.4] This mod adds High-Res clouds and surface textures to the stock KSP system making it look visually stunning. This pack also includes unique clouds for Laythe, lightning and a Wormhole! Installation is fairly simple if you follow the steps and read the README files located inside the downloaded folder. TRAILER DOWNLOAD Spacedock: Visuals: Daydream Installation - Download and open ZIP file, go to Step 1/GameData and drag those files into GameData in your KSP Directory - Then go to Step 2/GameData and drag those folders into GameData, with the others. - Choose the Extras you want go into that folder/GameData and drag that folder. You should end up with the following files in GameData: EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements, KerbalVisualEnhancements, Kopernicus, ModuleFlightIntegrator, ModuleManager 2.8.1.dll, BoulderCo, Scatterer, TextureReplacer, PlanetShine, DistantObject If you are still having trouble with the installation I highly recommend watching this tutorial by @DiscrafTsk KSPRC Textures I have made installing the ground textures as simple as I can because of licensing issues. - Download KSPRC here: - Renaissance Compilation: artworks remake - Open the ZIP file and drag the folder KSPRC into GameData. WARNING for the KSPRC textures to work it is required you have the folder TextureReplacer in your GameData folder, this is located in Extras/Reflections&Skybox/GameData Added Features - 29MB Lighting - New Clouds for Laythe - New Dreamscape Skybox - New Sun-flare - Wormhole in the Sun - Upgraded Clouds for Jool - Better Dust and Sandstorms - Reduced Download Size Known Bugs - Halo around atmosphere - Tiles start to float - Sunflare sometimes doesn't work Credits - Matchlight - Astronomer (Textures and cfgs) - Avera9eJoe (WindowShine) - Range_Machine (KVE) - Thomassini (Sunflare) - BlackRack (Scatterer) - Shaw (TextureReplacer) - Waz (EVE) - Valerian (PlanetShine) - MOARdV (DistantObject) SUGGESTIONS if you have any ideas or suggestions, please comment below as I have limited knowledge when it comes to coding. I would like to expand this mod further in the future but I may need some help.
  3. About INSTANTIATOR is the plugin that allows you to place primitives and billboards around the celestial bodies and do a lot of manipulations with them. How to use it? 1. Drop everything from the .zip file to your GameData folder 2. Open the file "Object.cfg" in any text editor (Notepad++ for example) This file contains the list of the objects and its parameters. The object config node looks like this: SCALED_OBJECT { name = ExampleSphere type = sphere scale = 12000, 12000, 12000 shader = Unlit/Transparent main_tex = /example_tex rotation = 0, 0, 0 bodyName = Kerbin invertNormals = false } Let's break it down! name - the name of GameObject type - for now there's 3 object types - "cube", "sphere" and "billboard". NOTE: the objects of type billboard can be applied to the bodies that has the Sun template (or to The Sun itself) ONLY. scale - the scale of the GameObject (x,y,z) shader - You can use any shader that is present in Unity. main_tex - path to the texture rotation - the rotation of the GameObject (x,y,z) bodyName - the name of the parent body invertNormals - inverts the normals of the mesh DOWNLOAD: Compiled (An example is included) Source Planet packs that uses it: Gameslinx's Planet Pack by @Gameslinx Kargantua System Warning! It's the alpha version and it may contain a lot of glitches. If you find a one, please let me know. Planned features: -Edit all the material parameters -Load custom .mu files
  4. STRAWPOLL LINK - I'm curious what you think is the most in-need of a visual revamp? You only get one vote so pick carefully.
  5. Hi Kerbals! Are you as excited as I am about the PBR in KSP 1.1? PBR is short for physical based rendering, it's a (supposedly more realistic) method to render textures which is new in Unity 5. Afaik KSP's assets won't be converted to this in 1.1 but I expect gradual replacement during the next updates. Because 1.1's also comes in a 64 bits version we can have a lot more textures in a higher resolution. The downside is that textures need more work to create (seems like double or triple the amount). But the visuals look very good!
  6. Since 1.2.1 came out and now we have those awesome see through cutaways of our interiors... can we go one step further and make ONLY the windows see through and have the cutaways as an EXTRA feature when we select it in the IVA vs EVA panel?
  7. Hi Jebediahs! You all probably already saw that nifty user list which pops up when you write "@xyz" in a post. Unfortunately the selected entry in that list only gets a ligh-grey background which is nearly indistinguishable from the white color of the not-selected entries. Could you please change that? That's how it looks like now: And that's better: