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Found 5 results

  1. VR

    Squad - listen up - if you want to kick your revenues up to higher orbit and breath some fresh excitement into your title, consider integrating VR support. I tried out Vivero's Kerbal-VR mod and even in its rough, jittery, demo-only form, being right there standing beside (and sitting inside) my rocket was breathtaking. It conveyed a sense of scale impossible to achieve viewing the Kerbal world through the rectangular little window of my flatscreen monitor. Now imagine grabbing rocket parts off the shelf and slapping them together with your bare hands. Science fiction? Nope - you can do stuff like this with Leap Motion's Kinect-like developer kit (which conveniently mounts to a Vive / Rift). Watch this video and imagine that's a StretchyTank grasped between their fingers. Imagine reaching out to your RPM displays and flicking buttons with your fingers, like a real Kerbonaut. It's been done before. The folks at FlyInside did a great job of bringing VR support to the popular X-Plane series. I challenge you to do better!
  2. Hi guys, I wondered if there's already someone working on a mod for compatibility with the HTC Vive. If not, i'm thinking about building one. Are there any Unity developers interested in cooperating with me? I would like to try making it posible to have a VR IVA and interaction with the controls in the vehicle. Imagine flying a rocket from within the module in VR! What do you guys think about this idea? Any suggestions are welcome ^^
  3. Got my HTC Vive yesterday, and one of the things I tried was the Kerbal VR mod. It only works in the cockpit and the head tracking is janky enough (just in Kerbal VR; SteamVR has butter-smooth tracking) that it's pretty much unusable, but the few minutes of flying in VR shows what huge potential this has for a game like Kerbal. And not just cockpit mode! Imagine the VAB / SPH with room-scale! You could walk around your vessel, scale yourself up and down, place parts by literally moving them into place with your hands. And flight! From 100% IVA to external ship views with the stars/planet(s) at actual depth with no visual discomfort. Please please please add native VR support with the proper interface adjustments! It would be the most jaw-dropping gaming experience ever.
  4. The recent introduction of consumer virtual reality headsets has got me thinking about potential applications of VR to human space exploration, particularly the psychological issues related to being extremely far from Earth (or at least far enough to not be able to see features on the Earth). A sufficiently advanced VR headset could be used to 'transport' astronauts back to Earth, either with specially made VR experiences or what would amount to HD google street view. If you combined the headset with a treadmill, you could allow astronauts to take 'walks' on Earth. What do you guys think about this? What are some of your own ideas for applications of VR tech in the space sector?
  5. Squad, you should totally jump on the band wagon. I got a HTC Vive on order, and KSP in VR just sounds more and more awesome the more you imagine it. I get it, I get it. Focused on 1.1. Focused on console release. Focused on a million other things to make the game even better. You've done amazing work. I know its totally out of the question to think about right now. But let it stew in your subconscious for now, and when things start slowing down a bit....think of VR compatibility.