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Found 34 results

  1. Throttle Controlled Avionics - Continued real-time engine balancing, attitude and altitude control, VTOL autopiloting Originally created by qfeys and Zenka Current development and maintenance: allista TCA is a plugin that enhances the attitude control of a ship by dynamically changing the output of its engines and RCS thrusters. Even with most unbalanced designs TCA maintains stable flight and quick precise response to user or autopilot input. TCA also provides many sophisticated autopilot programs based on this core functionality, including waypoint navigation and automatic landing. It is also fast enough to simultaneously control a whole squadron of ships without much overhead. First read, then fly! TCA Manual First read, then fly! Support me on Patreon Features Functionality: Simultaneous control over multiple vessels. Realtime RCS and engine balancing. Multiple engine roles and engine profiles. Full support of slow engines (jets, propellers, etc.) Thrust attitude control. Hovering control. Many sophisticated autopilot programs. Orbital maneuvering independent of command module orientation. User defined macros. Technical: Both the Toolbar and the stock AppLauncher are supported. Per-vessel/per-save configuration profiles and custom presets. In-game configurable key binding. Full career mode integration (see below). Introduction to TCA2 New Features in TCA3 Launching shuttle with TCA New orbital autopilots in TCA 3.2.0 TCA Modules in Tech Tree Downloads and Installation !!! ModuleManager is required but not included !!! SpaceDock Page GitHub Releases Source Code If you're upgrading, DELETE the old version before installing a new one BUT do not delete the TCA.conf and config.xml files to preserve your settings. ChangeLog Acknowledgments: First of all, many thanks to qfeys and Zenka for creating the original concept and implementation. Without them TCA would not exist. And I want to express extreme gratitude to @smjjames, who helped me so much with the testing of TCA3 and proposed countless improvements. Without it this version would never have come to a release! My patrons on Patreon. Thank you for your support! eL.Dude Bart Blommaerts Layne Benofsky Issarlk SCESW Kevin Casey Bob Palmer Ryan Rasmussen Matthew Zaleski Patrice Hédé Steve Victory Also, here are the mods whose code and ideas were used in one way or another: Hangar MechJeb2
  2. Já lançado! Para baixar o pre release siga para Thread de lançamento: Fala ai pessoal. Apresento a vocês meu projeto de partes em desenvolvimento. O Omicron, carro voador (ou space car). Meu sonho de consumo desde que eu assistia seriados de ficção quando era criança e continua até hoje. Juro que achava que quando chegasse-mos aos anos 2000, já teríamos desses na rua (no céu). E pelo menos um na garagem. Bom, já que ele ainda não chegou, aqui vai como eu o imagino, e com partes montáveis como cada um achar melhor. Com muitas possibilidades, para o gosto de cada um. List of things i still need to do (for full release): Solar Panel; Back docking port; Airbags & Floaters; IVA; Functional cockpit panel; Ejection system for seats and windows; Wings; Fine tuning parts (crash tolerance, temperatures, etc); Bons voos comandantes! Omicron by Climberfx is licensed under a Attribution 4.0 International
  3. Lerche (Lark) is a VTOL fighter plane modeled after the Heinkel Lerche. This may not be my fastest or most maneuverable plane, but it is my first VTOL plane with the stock propellers that works really well. Plane uses two contra-rotating propellers contained inside the nine-sided annular wing to takeoff and land vertically. It can also do a vertical climb to high altitude at about 40 m/s. Max. speed at low altitude is about 189 m/s, 200 m/s at 5000m and about 160 m/s at 9000m. Link to the craft file and the instructions how to fly the plane:
  4. After recently completing the campaign to Respawn Entertainment's wonderful FPS, Titanfall 2, on Master-level difficulty, I took a dive into finding the game's concept art- there's a lot of great inspiration there. As a direct result of this, meet the IMK TD-4727 'Phase Raptor' Dropship, a top-of-the-line tactical VTOL craft optimized for military use: Designed around a distributed thrust system, the Phase Raptor has twin cockpits (which on a forthcoming BDA version, will allow for a gunner), and a rear passenger hold with room for up to 6 elite Kerbal pilots. Twin forward-thrust jets in the rear provide long-distance flight capability. Additionally, the TD-4727 has quite a bit of agility when in the hands of a capable pilot, showcased here by Jebediah Kerman: /-/ Action Groups /-/: 1- Toggles VTOL propulsion 2- Toggles forward-thrust engines Abort- activates emergency parachutes Download here!
  5. Sector 7 Space Laboratories VTOL Repository Here you will find VTOL Craft I've posted in the past. In the future I will periodically update the Thread. I would also like to thank everyone for downloading any of my builds and hope that you have enjoyed them as much as I have enjoyed building, flying, driving, launching, diving, steering and crashing them with you. Today's Featured Craft Tarantula Craft File: Tarantula Parts: 57 Mass: 11.601t Height: 2.2m Width: 6.7m Length: 9.2m VTOL HANGAR (Here is were you can find all the craft files and their details)
  6. This might not be possible, but we need to make a VTOL engine that has a mark one part for the engine, BUT does NOT have an exhaust. Instead, you have radially mounted thrusters you add on that can be toggled between VTOL and normal flight. The trick being the thrusters don't produce thrust UNLESS the engine is present.
  7. A small 5 kerbal VTOL with science lab and more. Here's pics and a link for the download for those interested. Link to your future with Kerbal Carriers and the Bangin Bobby.
  8. I'm assuming The Lounge is the place for off-topic discussions, don't kill me if I'm wrong. Thanks! How do YOU pronounce VTOL? Each individual letter: Vee-Tee-Oh-Ell? As a word: Vee-toll? Mashed together: V'Toll? Or something else entirely? I'm in the letters camp myself
  9. Hello again! Threw this together in an hour: It can take off vertically... ...then fold its wings down and fly horizontally. And it does this without finnicky gear hinges, or any part detaching at all. This means you could timewarp it for an infinite amount of time and nothing would fly off the ship. It works quite simply actually. The engines are attached to the fuselage via very flexible parts (in this case, the radial decouplers). With lots of SAS units attached, the engines can bend their structural connections with a reasonable degree of freedom. They can then secure themselves to the main body with autostrut. Needless to say, it's not always that simple. Any engine rotation is very wobbly, so transitioning from vertical to horizontal can be a bit...problematic... ...But when it works, it works well. This design is also an SSTO, which can get to orbit with about 450m/s of delta v left: Hope you liked it
  10. So after playing a ton of GTAV the other day, i thought to myself that that hydra is a fun little plan and could probably be pretty easily made in KSP. Naturally, about 30 minutes later, i had myself a working replica. There are a few things im not happy on. The wings where a pain, ballast in the fuel tanks could be better, had to have an extra vtol jet to actually get lift force needed. besides all that, it flies decently well i would say! Has some roll issues from the wing angles im pretty sure, the flaps have been set to 60-70% and the main engine doesnt vector. Here's an imgur link with a few images i quickly took Download - KerbalX - Action groups 3 - VTOL 4 - Main engine 5 - Afterburner Let me know what ya think!
  11. The Revolutionary 5 These Craft builds were all inspired by a Video I found shown here, titled 5 Revolutionary Aircraft. I like to keep my builds stock so all craft are using Jet Engines rather than the Aircraft Props. I wouldn't say these are replicas because the original craft have so many functions I was unable to replicate, I would like to say these are just my version of each craft as close as I could build them. I recommend watching the original Video first. Aeromobil 2.5 Craft File: Aeromobil 2.5 Parts: 24 Mass: 5.980t Height: 2.8m Width: 9.7m Length: 8.6m Cobalt Valkyrie Craft File: Cobalt Valkyrie Parts: 22 Mass: 8.565t Height: 3.8m Width: 8.9m Length: 7.8m E FAN Craft File: E EAN Parts: 39 Mass: 6.156t Height: 3.0m Width: 10.7m Length: 10.2m EHANG 184 Craft File: EHANG 184 Parts: 61 Mass: 5.692t Height: 2.2m Width: 4.8m Length: 6.4m Icon Craft File: Icon Parts: 42 Mass: 5.288t Height: 4.0m Width: 10.8m Length: 9.9m
  12. I don't really think this thread belongs in Spacecraft Exchange, because I'm not actually showing off my own designs... but we don't exactly have a thread for "requesting" designs so lesser of known evils I suppose... but I digress, I'm seeking a Mk.3 Passenger spaceplane, for the purpose of quickly getting newly hired Kerbalnauts experience in, shall we say a 'supervised' environment. Minimum capability that I'm looking for here: -must have at least one Mk3 crew passnger cabins -capable of interplanetary flight (Dres or farther) -VTOL landings on low-grav moons and planets -full science package -capable of powered re-entry & landing to KSC -Stock parts If you're looking for additional challenge(s), in descending desirability: -capable of launching one, or more, mid-size satellites approximately the length of the mk-2 (short) cargobay in a single expedition -NOT be self-refuelling, provisions for external fuel drop tanks or docking to refuel yes, but no mining and refining mounted -FAR & stock aero capability friendly -Aesthestically pleasing, not simply function over form. And just because I want to try and fall within the boundaries of this sub-forum, the CSF SSTO that I've designed so far (although still haven't actually flown her)
  13. A mid-sized Dropship, the Firebird is designed for transporting Rovers to and from the surface of Duna. Thanks to the "Moar Vernors!" strategy used by it's creators, it is extremely agile, stable and ideal for carrying oversized or lopsided cargoes. Imgur album that shows more of the features: Download: x2.craft?dl=0 Features: Descent Autopilot: With an experienced pilot, the Firebird can be landed simply by setting the SAS to keep it retrograde and adjusting the throttle. Claw: Since it has a Claw instead of a docking port, the Firebird can attach to just about anything that can fit underneath it. Vertical and horizontal flight modes: Two Thuds and two Terriers on the bottom for VTOL, two Thuds between the tail booms for horizontal flight Crew transport capability: Space for two Pilots and Eight passengers, A metric kerbton of Vernors: Can do sick barrel roles with ease Two service bays on the top: Currently just used to store Monoprop and fuel cells, but they could easily be modified to store a couple small probes Aerodynamic VTOL engines: The Poodles are stored inside two service bays on the bottom, which can open or close to make it more aerodynamic Hidden top docking port Action groups: Toggles bottom service bays, when they are closed it cannot VTOL but is more aerodynamic. Toggles VTOL engines Toggles horizontal flight engines (I recommend using these while in space, slightly less Delta V but it doesn't need to use the Vernors) Toggles Claw Toggles fuel cells Notes: Comes in pairs for balancing reasons With 1850 delta V, it's not ideal for going between planets. Decouplers get stuck to the hidden docking port when you separate the Firebirds from the transfer stage. This will be fixed soon Lots of aesthetic bits that don't contribute to function Still being tested. I wouldn't be surprised if the current version is incapable of docking. Rover not included
  14. 100% stock parts, Vertical Take Off And Landing! hope you enjoy the video In this occasion i made very useful spacecraft build for minig in the space this is their future
  15. I've seen a lot of people using rotating pieces, like 90 degree angle rotating wing-systems for VTOLs. I've been unable to figure it out so far on my own. How do you make a rotating axle?
  16. This is my ship can hover it is for mining enjoy! please comment what you think! i let the video at the bottom enjoy! Video here!
  17. This is my ship can hover it is for mining enjoy! please comment what you think! i let the video at the bottom enjoy!
  18. So I've got some EVA cluster missions far from KSC. I'm playing with an absolutely brutal set of difficulty settings, and I'm getting bored with flying tourists around to scrape together enough cash to finance science missions. I take the EVA and 'below' observation missions near KSC because they pay well for a 100% recoverable craft (aircraft) and they also give science while I'm at it (yay!) For near EVA missions I use a build I call the 'Science Jetcar.' It's a wingless aircraft with a pair of Junos and the basic landing gear, a low-science rover, basically. Great for scooting around @ 50m/sec. In addition to doing EVA missions on the opposite side of Kerbin, I'd like to get a 100% recoverable craft to some of the more distant biomes in KSP as well for science purposes. Before 1.0 I would follow Scott Manley's VTOL construction video and basically build out a Harrier jet. Is that build still viable? Are there any tips for building VTOLs with stock parts? Any designs people want to share? I haven't finished unlocking all the 45 science point nodes yet, so it's vitally important that we do this with basic parts.
  19. As Time wore on, I realized my interests in KSP have become more low altitude based, in the form of helicopters, jets, and tanks. As a Munar Tank Commander, I wish to find special VTOL systems to go with my hardware. TCA was amazing for BD Armory hovering attack platforms, and I was hoping to find more engines or other VTOL related flight systems. What I already have is good enough, but I was hoping there were others I did not know.
  20. Wasp VTOL This Halo 5 inspired VTOL, comes with two, high-speed projectiles, that cannot do anything else but look cool when they collide into any surface. Top speed is around 115, while using horizontal engines, landing speed is around 3 meters per second (due to the wings as landing gear). At 65 parts, this VTOL is one to store in your Spacecraft hangar when you feel like flying around and shooting things. It's a simple easy to fly VTOL perfect for new flyers. Side note: To whom it may concern, sorry for my recent inactivity for the past month and a half, possibly more. I'll try to release more crafts soon and of course be more active, not to mention, be better at organizing a post like this one.... DOWNLOAD TODAY
  21. I've seen a few Dropship designs on the forum lately and I thought I would have a go at my own version. 213 Parts. 115 tons. I made a couple of tweaks to the version shown in the video so it now carries 2 pilots and 4 passengers. You can't see the cockpit door but you can still EVA a Kerbal from it. The Mk1 passenger modules can be EVA'd from the cargo bay. Hotkeys: 1) Toggle Rear Engines 2) Toggle thrust reversal on Rear Engines 3) Toggle VTOL Engines 4) Toggle Afterburners on VTOL Engines 9) Toggle Roof Doors 0) Toggle Ramp Door Make sure SAS is on before flight, (unless you like a challenge :)). The ship can hover at 5/6ths throttle. Try not to land vertically harder than 8m/s. The Dropship handles pretty well and has a lot of fuel, (37 mins hover time and 1 hour horizontal flight time). I'm not sure how much she can lift but you can always use the afterburners if you need some extra power. Yaw is pretty good in this plane in either mode. Download here > Enjoy and share your own Dropships if you like!
  22. Hi all, Which mod is the best for controlling vtol craft? I've tried a number of them and I can't seem to figure out how to let a mod control the vertical to horizontal transition. Throttle controlled avionics gets installed and unistalled regullaly, as on paper is sounds great but can't figure out how to work it. Vertical Velocity Control seems good until it asked to remap all the keys to make it work. Any other ones that you would recomend? Thanks GE
  23. Step 1: Get a plane. Many VTOLs are purpose-built and you've probably already gotten everything else laid out Step 2: Check the fuel drainage. This probably won't be as big a problem if you build planes the "traditional" way with most of the fuel in the back. When it drains, the center of mass moves forward. You'll probably want an RCS unit or reaction wheel just in case but often the cockpit wheels do the trick. Step 3: Activate the center of mass and thrust icons. As I said before, weight distribution will be more or less the same as it was before as you're only adding mass to the center of mass, however if you use jet engines (which you probably are), they have a weird CoM (due to realistic jets having a bunch of heavy moving parts inside the main body of the craft), so it may be moved upward slightly. If this happens, just move the wings up or lifting engines down a bit. If you still can't solve this problem, assuming you're using Wheesleys, turn the assembly upside down and turn on reverse thrust. This will make your craft even more stable in the air, making it hang like parachute due to the upward center of lift/drag Step 4: Deactivate the other engines. Assuming this uses lifting engines and standard engines, you'll want to set the standard engine thrust limiter to 0 (limiting 100% thrust). This way, the only factors affecting the center of thrust will be the lifting engines. Step 5: Select a lifting engine and mounting surface. I like to use either Junos or Wheesleys depending on the function (I'll elaborate on that later). As for the mounting base, you'll probably want to use an octagonal or cubic octagonal strut - they're light weight, small, and have two attachment nodes when mounted on a surface - allowing you to add more intakes which VTOLs often need. Step 6: Assemble the lifting assembly. Start by attaching the mounting base to where you want your engines to be (I'd recommend the wings as they are often convenient and there's two (or more) of them) and then rotating it so the nodes are vertical. Next, add the engines to the bottom of the assembly and make sure they clear the ground and put the intakes (if you're using extras) on the top. You may want to clip the engine or intake into the mounting base and the surface into the wing for a much cleaner look Step 7: Fine tuning. You'll probably want to get rid of the center of lift icon for this. Start by offsetting the mounting base so that it aligns with the center of mass and then you may want to move it inward a little to decrease it's moment of inertia (the more weight on the outside, the longer roll will take, same with pitch and yaw) so it's faster to respond to roll commands. Step 8: Re-enable thrust on the standard engines and set action groups. I like to use 1 for lifting engines and 3 for standard engines There, you should now have a well functioning VTOL or STOL. There are many uses for these craft and the engines don't have to be strictly for takeoff and landing - some of my favorite fighters like the DOVE 1.1 (upgraded DOVE) use Juno engines for linear maneuvering based on roll and also aid greatly in pitch-based maneuverers. These abilities are great for dogfights and attack runs because you can move in ways your opponents (probably) won't expect or be programmed to expect and can also get you out of a pinch easily. I've pretty much gone through everything I know here so Fireheart318 out!
  24. WARNING! I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE YOU MAY DO TO YOUR GAME HERE! THIS REQUIRES SOME EXTREMELY LIGHT MODIFICATION TO THE CONFIG FILES OF KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM! THEY SHOULDN'T DAMAGE ANYTHING BUT JUST IN CASE! Step 1: Open the GameData folder and from there, open Squad Step 2: Open resources and from there, open ResourcesGeneric.cfg Step 3: Locate 'name = IntakeAir' Step 4: To make visible change the modifier for 'isVisible' to 'true'. To make tweakable (able to change amounts in VAB/SPH) change the modifier for 'isTweakable' to 'true' THESE VALUES ARE ALL CASE-SENSITIVE! IF YOU DON'T DO IT EXACTLY, IT PROBABLY WON'T WORK! This is a valuable tool for being able to see when you run out of air for SSTOs and figure out why your VTOLs aren't working and how many intakes you need to fix it. It's just a generally good thing to have in the game and I don't know why Squad changed it. That's all I've got to say here so Fireheart318 out!
  25. Not sure why I created this or what I'm going to do with it, but it's been kinda fun to fly... If you know about Rapiers, at low speeds they loose thrust as you gain altitude, so it's a little tricky on takeoff, but basically, just hit T Z <SPACE>, start pitching slowly right away to get airspeed and get the wing flying. A wheel or two might actually make a nice addition, but it was just kinda fun to do it this way. I make no guarantees about landing, as I actually haven't landed this yet... But she does get on orbit with 400-500 dV to spare on the Rapiers. Some of you cool folks feel free to update this and make it even better... Danny. Tough to make it any cooler looking though... Oh hey - maybe I ought to include the .craft?