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Found 16 results

  1. So everyone, this is the story that really kicked off my writing career. The storyline is.......... Oh dear lord... But I've decided that you guys should see this in its true form. Prepare for many poor writing choices, a storyline with an equivalent that's worse than Twilight, and some quirky authors notes in between. Hope you all enjoy.... The First Great War Contents
  2. WELCOME!!! So this is the.... uh..... I think... 4t- no 5th story that I've written for the forum so far. In this story, the Peoples Republic of the National States (PRNS) have declared their independence from the National States of Kerbin. Now, Gene has been enlisted to the Air Force, and has to fight for his country, and attempt to end this rebellion. This is... Written by: DarkOwl57 Contents Intro: Gene's Story Part 1 Chapter 1: The End of the World Chapter 2: A Legends Beginning Chapter 3: First Flight Chapter 4: First Fight Chapter 5: Breakthrough Chapter 6: The Battle Chapter 7: Promotion Chapter 8: Wernher's (2nd) Invention Chapter 9 (Finale of Part 1): The Unknown Part 2 Intermission and Chapter 10: Cheating Death Chapter 11: Stop that Thief! Chapter 12: The 100th Eclipse Chapter 13: To the Sea (Some issues with the forums means the font's messed up; Hopefully this'll get fixed soon) Chapter 14: Battle of the East Isles (This is getting really annoying ) More to come! For everyone who reads, likes, and encourages me in my typing, Thank you. -Your author
  3. Sol and Alpha Centauri duke it out in the 31st century. No other colonized systems because magic radiation stops them. No FTL. Systems are completely colonized and exploited. War is to the death. How is the war fought? Who wins?
  4. Suppose two countries with all of the technologies we expect to have by the year 2150 exist on Ganymede and Europa. They cover the whole of their moons. They have giant vertical underground farms to sustain themselves and huge solar fields with almost 100% efficiency (virtually no energy (light, heat, vibration, etc.) is missed or wasted). They have mining running down to the cores. They have big cities like on Earth, mostly underground. And they go to war with eatchother. No prisoners. No survivors. No slaves. Total annihilation. How is it fought? What are the advantages of Europa over Ganymede?
  5. Are there any war servers out there that have active players on for us to dogfight battle or destroy with hyperedit kax airplanes plus and bd armoury or procedural dynamics
  6. Welcome to the first known Kerpedo challenge! Intro: Our Kerbal engineers have noticed that they are very vulnerable to attack by other Kerbal nations, or even aliens. They decided some types of weapons, but they had trouble inventing something for underwater attack, So they had a discussion together. "What can we do to have something underwater that can launch a bomb?" Said Linus Kerman, Wernher von Kerman replied "Huh, an underwater missile?" Linus Kerman nodded and replied with excitement "That's an amazing idea! But, our research shows that it's impossible to get a rocket to fire underwater...Any ideas Wernher?" Wernher von Kerman answered as if it's a very simple question "But propellers do work underwater! We shall name it the Kerpedo, is that a good name?" Mortimer Kerman nodded and said "That's a great name! And it will be as cheap as missiles! Any more ideas?" Linus and Wernher shook their heads, and Mortimer instantly shouted "Dismissed!" Explaination: What I am bad at The challenge is to create a fully working torpedo (I'll be addressing the torpedo as "Kerpedo"). The torpedo has to be launched into the sea, and must be fully manuverable. The kerpedo may contain parts from the mods that will be listed below. I like to see realistic torpedoes, but hey, IT'S YOUR CHOICE! Allowed mods: The following mods are allowed to be used in this Kepedo challenge, please notice that visual enhancement mods are allowed and I very much appreciate them. BDArmory: Only use for an explosive warhead. Kerbal Aircraft Expansion: For a realistic propeller. Tweakscale: To tweak all parts to whatever size you want your kerpedo. KSP Maritime pack: Use for ballast parts to get a non-floaty torpedo (KSP Water Physics are a bit too good) Vessel Mover: For moving your vessel. This list is currently very early, this list will be expanded when mods come into my memory, you can help me decide which mods I should add by replying with the following format: <Name of the mod> <Why I should add it> [Side notes] Difficulties: Sandbox: Do whatever you want with the torpedo, I will check it out, but you will not be listed on the winners list. I will only add you to the list of you make something impressive. You may even make an airdrop torpedo. Easy: Make a working Kerpedo Moderate: Make an impressive Kerpedo Hard: Have an advanced underwater launch base for the Kerpedo (Use the Maritime Ballast Tanks to have a sinky base) Impossible: Make a fully working submarine containing the Kerpedo, I'd be seriously impressed! Well, only for ksp physics Submitting: Include the .craft file for me to download (Essential, there have been a lot of fake submissions recently) Include a video (Recommended) Include directions of use (Essential) Include screenshots (VERY Highly Recommended, though not essential) Include side notes (Highly Recommended) Include which mods you have installed on your game (Essential) Winner Board: Outro: Goodluck to you all! I wish you the best of luck! Your Kerpedo will serve the Kerbal Military, and you will be remembered as an honored scientist! Also, just a note, having the Scatterer mod (for the beautiful oceans) will make me VERY happy! I may record a video intro to this challenge.
  7. What does Kerbal warfare look like? Is it similar to Human warfare, or does their uniqueness warrant a radically different approach to bloodshed? Also, how well do you think they would hold up against Human forces?
  8. "We cannot stand for this outrage," The leader of the National States of Kerbin said as he stood at the table with his cabinet members. "The naval ship 'Kerbal' was sunk at 08:35 Hours off of the coast of the coast of the KSC, even though it had no weapons, and was preparing to go on a scouting mission." The leader of the Navy spoke as the Leader sat down. "This represents something that we have prepared for since the previous attacks on NSK troops; War." The cabinet members all gasped as they heard the word. They all knew, of course, that it might happen, as the increasing tensions had appeared to boil over multiple times. Still, the entire country was anxiously holding it's breath and hoping that it would be dissolved. "Our fighter jet production has been increasing at a steady rate, and we now have enough jets for strike plans A, B, and C, and Bomber production is at it's maximum ability." The Air Force leader said as he reviewed his multi-page report. "Good," The leader said. "Prepare the pilots for testing the jets. We can't have any mistakes. This war cannot be won with mistakes. The Army, the Marines, the Navy, the Air Force, Everyone must fight to the best of their abilities." Facing Jebediah Kerman, he said, "General Jeb, Prepare your troops. I must now write the declaration and send it to the Eastern Empire." The cabinet members all saluted and hurried to their own offices to prepare for the upcoming war.
  9. So I am making a nuke dropper and i need some recommendations on what i should do to make it should i go with a plane or a rocket that can drop nukes from space I mean this has to be big enough to have equal weight on both left and right sides of the ship
  10. Hello, fellows! Are you Bored of KSP's monotone Space stuff? Probably not. Still! We are making a series on Youtube called "The war!" In wich Twitchi, Z.T.I.A.I., Callum Brumby, Boris(KSSR), Comrade Headrcrab, Gr123w4, and me(PlaneyMcplaneface) battle it out using several mods Including BDarmory and Kerbinside. If you want to see the rules: And the Playlist for all the episodes is: Stay Tuned!
  11. So I heard earlier this year that my great-grandfather was in the Royal Navy, from the stories I can presume he was quite high-ranking. Here are the stories that my grandfather told me about him. 1. Lucky Escape: He was offered a promotion to a very high rank, but refused because it would mean him being moved to another ship, and he wanted to stay with his friends. A week or so later the ship he WOULD have been transferred to sank, and all the crew along with it. 2. Captain Pingu So at some point, a penguin got on the ship and hung around, the crew was okay with it and kept it as a pet. They fed it and I think they might have dressed it up in uniform. Eventually, though, he was ordered to get rid of the penguin because the admiral was coming to inspect the ship, so he threw the penguin overboard. 3. Bismarck Battle So in the big battle between the Royal Navy and Germany, the Bismarck was sunk. My great-grandfather was on one of the battleships that sank the ship.
  12. Literally whats its called, say a insult to the enemy side you are on. Example To the dres lovers! You`re "dres" is really a space potato.. rules 1. After a insult to one opposing side (say dres lovers...) that side must do an insult back, the other side that did the insult can't do another till the opposing side has done their insult... 2. Have fun. Ill start.. To the dres lovers!
  13. This topic should be closed, I can't put a mediafire link or anything like that for the download, I'd appreciate if the mods could shut this down for me.
  14. So, the rules are simple: 1.Post a song that has something to do with the song above yours, whether it be theme, sound, etc. 2.Either that, or post some thing totally different and butcher their song. 3.No profanity 4.Minimal side conversations I'll start.
  15. Kerbal is developing fast, and people have great ideas. I feel that, once Kerbal has released on all playforms (or maybe before?), Squad should create a DLC or spin-off called 'KSP:GW', meaning Kerbal Space Program: Galactic Warfare. Mods on KSP have already attempted to create things like this, but it never tends to work out so well. I have a vision of a solar system, maybe players sharing planets and meteors, maybe on their own. They start like science mode (or career, never played career), but players must develop and create ships and weapons while researching yet more, while making bases on planets with others playing on, and forming allies and enemies. Could be like 'Civilisation' if anyone is familiar with that game. This would be so fun, firing missiles at opponents and forming armies and strategic attacks and defences. Imagine if it was official. If this way on Xbox One or something (almost like an MMO, but individual game-based, it wouldn't be good with it going forever!), it would be a huge hit, and most people would know about KSP. Worth a shot, right? Who agrees? Post your opinions and suggestions for a mode like this! Would you pay something like £10-20? Would you want it to be free? Share. I know I would pay a little for this. You?
  16. After Rocket Builders was dissolved, this is the Alphasus showcase thread. To be clear, I will still collaborate with Sharkman Briton in craft development, and all craft with SAP-C names are relics of the past. Classifications: (LF)Light Fighter<5 tons (F)Fighter<8 tons (HF)Heavy Fighter<10 tons (B)Bomber<15 tons (GS)Gunship<20 tons (FR)Frigate<30 tons (LD)Light Destroyer<40 tons (DD)Destroyer<50 tons (HD)Heavy Destroyer<60 tons (CL)Light Cruiser<70 tons (C)Cruiser<100 tons (CA)Battlecruiser<150 tons (BC)Heavy Cruiser<180 tons (BB)Battleship(no limits) Craft will be posted here once I have time to recover all of them.