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Found 17 results

  1. On Xbox One, placing a symmetry group in the VAB fails if it would make the part count exactly equal to the part limit for the current VAB upgrade level. However, it succeeds if it would make the part count one less than the current VAB limit. To work around this, in order to achieve a part count exactly equal to the limit, the last part placed must be a single part and not one of a symmetry group.
  2. PLEASE update the xbox one version of ksp, it's very hard to play with so many bugs. I love the game so much but geeze, guys come on. no navigation button, random freezing of ships, massive fsp drops for no reason, quick save problems and the list goes on and on. So please PLEASE help us out and fix some of this. Thank you
  3. Hi, I just made this account, and I'm fairly new. I am a console player, and I heard 1.2 will be coming out for Consoles early this year. It would be nice if I can have/or we, can have an approximate date. I'm sorry if I asked the same question that someone else did, by the way, will there be mods on consoles? Thanks.
  4. Is kerbal going to be getting any more updates on console ? ,Its been so long with very little information about console updates if any ,the last post i read was posted back in August ,I worry that this great game is getting left behind on console ,i have played ksp on pc for many years but it was like a breath of fresh air when it came to console .But now its starting to fell very restricted due to lack of updates and massive lack of things to do. I hope you manage an update soon or even an injection parts would be good ,we just need something to keep the game alive and kicking.
  5. Don't know if this is a bug or not. Firstly, when I land on the mun, regardless of how gently I touch down, some or all of my landing gear explode! This has happened several times. Secondly, I've been trying to build medium sized mobile modules to expand my mun base but whenever I test them weird vibrations destroy my tires within seconds and on one occasion exploded the front wheel Any thoughts?
  6. Hi all, As a longtime KSP fan who was very disappointed with KSP's dodgy control scheme and lack of configurability on consoles, there's no doubt that Squad/Flying Tiger must know how fans feel about the control scheme by now, so I'll try to add something more constructive here. So as it turns out both consoles do allow some buttons to be remapped, and while it may not be a huge help with many of KSP's context-sensitive controls, it might still come in handy for some. PS4 - Dual Shock 4 (scroll down to Button Assignments) This tool is fairly basic and doesn't allow inverting axes, duplicate mappings to the same button/function, anything with the touchpad, or any other options besides basic "like-for-like" input swapping. Xbox One Standard Controller Xbox One Elite Controller This one seems a little better than the PS4 equivalent, but seems have a few artificial restrictions in place that mean you have to have the pricey Elite controller to get the most out of it.
  7. Any idea how Australia got left out? My fellow kerbalnauts running Ps4 can purchase. Pc can purchase via steam. Mac through steam. Linux through steam. Xbox one not in Australia. I'm guessing that the kiwi's are in the same boat. Not that Australians have added anything to space exploration ever. ..... but i was waiting on release day. .... no media coverage. .... then ps4 gets kerbal. ... Xbox due. .... issues but uk launch. ... us launch. ... Czech Republic gets kerbal. ... but not Australia! Really? Why not? Is it coming? When? Is there another way for me to get kerbal on my xbox one?
  8. this damn thing happened almost everytime when I playing ksp *build a beautiful looking space station* *launch against super annoying fps* *finally get into orbit* at that moment the game stopped with ubnormal sound (like low frequency sawtooth sound wave) and then crash I rerun the game and everything is ok but my progress until game crash is disappeared I experienced this roughly over 10 times this is critical and I hope this problem is fixed soon to enjoying this game
  9. Had a vessel I was trying to recover touch the center of the (armed) Claw, come to 0 m/s for a few moments, then bounce off. Target vessel had been going less that 1 m/s before contact. Quick action let me switch vessels (which at the time I couldn't do without going to the KSC no matter how many times I pushed the buttons), EVA Valentina, and get her on the rescue vehicle. Glad to have her back (she'd been up there 7 years - we're calling it a "bone-density study") but still wondering what went wrong with the Claw.
  10. Hi! I'm in my first mission to intercept an asteroid in collision course with Kerbin!!!!! So I decide to intercept the asteroid in solar orbit. The first bug, when I´m close (less than 1 km) to the asteroid, vanishes of the the map. Second bug. I target the center of mass and is outside the asteroid!!!! When I´m closer (100 to 200 mts) this fixes automatically. When I "dock" with the asteroid, I can´t save the game or go to the Space Center. I've tried this three times and the same happens every time. Please Help!
  11. play the game is impossible, this has happened to me as 5 times, the most recent was that it was by going to dune, I quicksave and went to the space center made a game save, after that I went to continue piloting the ship to dune, I maneuver to meet and make another quicksave, and returned to the space center to exit the menu, I made another save game and I went to the menu after I started playing KSP and opened the game, then I went to tracking station to locate my ship the locate and kept waiting for maneuver. then could no longer control the maneuver, then I went to the space center and me out of the game and not worry me that had already save game and quicksave, start again the game and had not saved anything, the rocket, takeoff and everything then try to load the game and was not erased everything, and if the game will continue taking the players and not going to save anything, the game will be unplayable, I think I see bugs windows or linux it is selfish for that they are repairing them bugs with very low priority and little relevance, however consoles the game is unplayable and repair windows and linux is selfish console that are the real problems. its upset play the game , because you know you'll will lose what you save if you are not lucky if i have grammar errors is because i use translator , the english is not my primary language
  12. Good day! I continue in my efforts to achieve an asteroid mission. Now I launch a probe to attach with the asteroid. The probe is on kerbin's orbit waiting for the right time to leave the orbital influence of the planet. I accelerate time Inside the Tracking Station to let pass some days, when the asteroid is in the right position, I set the time acceleration to 1x. Then I cannot go out of the Tracking Station neither fly the probe or any other spacecraft.
  13. Today I turned on my xbox to play and from the start menu when I press A the game hesitates and then the game doesn't freeze but the A button no longer works properly, I have to tap repeatedly to advance to next menu.. After launch clicking the left joystick brought up the cursor, not today. The game glitched as if it were being run by a VERY underpowered processor. Nearly all button commands failed. I have deleted and reinstalled the game twice hoping that would resolve the issue to no avail. Version is as of this post. Any help resolving this would be great as my game is now unplayable
  14. Is there any chance of increasing the UI slider to more than 120%? At 120% much of the game borders are cut off. I can't even see the red exit box on the top right of the screen. It's unplayable when you can't see important things. Edit: If this isn't something that can be done, than what about a refund? Inside the red border is all I can see. KSP XB1 Screenshot for reference
  15. I lost all my progress of getting a rover to eve due to this bug, and it's very frustrating that the game refuses to save so there's no point to playing ksp if all my progress is lost
  16. I've noticed quite a few people are not so happy with the cursor controls, this reminds me of R6 Siege when it first came out, but after they lowered the deadzone alot the controls became quite fine. So the deadzone between zero movement and full speed could have the sweet spot right there. Otherwise the full speed needs to be quite fast to get around the screen, but just add some smoothness to the center stick. Very happy to see Kerbals on Xbox! Cheers
  17. I bought KSP on pc awhile back and know its on Xbox one, so does that mean I half to rebuy it on the Xbox store