The Ultimate Jool 5 Challenge!

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@foobar Congratulations, you have completed the Jool 5 Challenge on Level 1!  Your mission was well executed and your crafts looked good.  I like the reuse of the command module for the Laythe lander and for the return to Kerbin.  You could have had more pictures, especially with the resource window open, but nothing looks too implausible.


@zeta function Congratulations, you have completed the Jool 5 Challenge on Level 2!  It's a great accomplishment for a new member of the forums.  I liked the Tylo lander, it's impressively small for two Kerbals.  Your Laythe lander was also a unique design.  Thank you for the descriptive pictures!


KSP 1.3 has rolled around and while KSP updates usually mean a new leaderboard and some new rules, not much has changed that can influence performance on this challenge.  The leaderboard will stay as it is.  At @JacobJHC's request, there is now a low cost sub-challenge to enjoy!

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Hi guys, here's a Jool5 plus Eeloo and Dres I did as part of the Caveman Evolved challenge.

The first album is kind of a mess because Imgur has started mixing up the order of the images, basically it's there to document the launch, Jool transfer, and Laythe (plus the first bit of Tylo) landing.

Second album starts with landed (relatively) safely on Tylo, and goes from there until Bop landing

Third album is Bop landing and home. If any images have been eaten and are needed, let me know and I can reupload.

Mods were BetterTimewarp and KER

Mission went as follows - Liftoff to LKO, used last gasp of big booster plus LV-N to get a Jool intercept.
Tylo gravicapture into the system, then a Laythe orbit.  Used very elliptical orbits everywhere for my main ship.  Laythe lander safely laneded, then back to orbit.  Kept the core of the lander, basically a service bay with a chair and reaction wheel, fuel can, and Spark, and docked it with a Tylo stage.  Took the whole mess over to Tylo and parked in elliptical orbit.  Detached the lander and an ion stage, used the ion stage to lower orbit until circular, then landed the LFO lander.

Second album took off Tylo, dropping stages (reversing direction at one point) and made it back to my ion tug with very little fuel left.  Used the ion tug to get back to high orbit, and grabbed some LFO from the main ship for Vall.  LFO landing on Vall, and back to Tylo orbit.  Moved the whole mess to Pol, landed on Pol and Bop using ions only.  Basically I would drag the big xenon can to a moon, leaving it in high orbit, and land on ions.  Lift off, meet the fuel can, and go back to the main ship.  Third album I did this on Pol, Bop, Eeloo and Dres, so I won't repeat myself any more.  Used LV-N powered main ship to get to Eeloo then Dres then home, left the ion part in orbit and brought Jeb down in the capsule.  All interplanetary flights were done with the main ship together and Jeb in his capsule.




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