Kerbfleet: A Jool Odyssey--CHAPTER 19 pg 7: Damage, controlled.

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55 minutes ago, Hotaru said:

I don't think it's due to poor storytelling, 

(psssst...I don't really think it is either) :wink: 

47 minutes ago, KAL 9000 said:

Sorry, dude. All Kerbals look alike, it's so hard to tell who's who!

I know, right? If only there was a way to give them, I dunno, different color uniforms, or unique ways of speaking, or have other characters say their names out loud from time to time.. OK, so let's take apart the last few pages; other graphic novelists can take this as a "master class" in large crew character handling if they like :) 

Here we see the three Kerbals presently aboard Qwammer. There's a cockpit crew portrait in the first panel, which conveniently names Jeb (1). We then see two more Kerbals sitting in the crew compartment. The first one to speak is wearing a red uniform with some sleeve braid so even if he wasn't explicitly named in the 4th panel one might easily assume that's Bill. (2). Who's he speaking to? I thought that since his yellow speech balloon comes so soon after Jeb's there might be some confusion, so I made sure that Bill used his name--Kenlie (3)--right away in the second panel.



Now me move back to bridge. I didn't think I needed to name Val (4)--if you don't know who the Captin of the Intrepid is, then I'm clearly not doing my job. She asks the "science officer" for a report, who is Bob (5) in your game as well as mine, unless you've killed him. Then we have another possibly ambiguous yellow speech balloon. I don't necessarily expect everyone to recognize an Air Service Kaptin's uniform, so I make sure that the next kerbal to speak calls him Tedus (6). That female science officer, in turn, gets name-checked in the third panel--Lisa (7). And just in case you've been reading all this time and don't know who the male Kerbal in a command uniform with three rank pips is, Melbe (8) uses her crew portrait appearance to call him Mister Dilsby (9)



It was at this point I realized that we needed to check in with a certain kerbelle and give her some part of the building action, so as the Kerbulan ship claws on we cut to Clauselle (10) down in Main Engineering. No, I don't explicitly name her, but I think the "zut alors!" does that job well enough. And then finally, in the last panel, Melbe name-checks the two other members of the Damage Control team she commands: Nimzo (11) and Sarge (12)



So--twelve crew, in three pages, as the tension builds for a dangerous encounter with the Kerbulans. I explained it like this less to give an answer to the question than to show those interested a little bit about how I work and how I make a plan to manage such necessary information without letting it get in the way of the plot.

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Okay, you've made your point. I had a big brain fart, but I'm still a huge fan. So back on topic now, please. 

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