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May 25

1961: President Kennedy called for a manned landing on the Moon and a return to Earth in a message to Congress. 

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1964: Ivan Bella, the first Slovak cosmonaut, was born. He flew on Mir Stefanik. 

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1973: Skylab 2 and its crew of Charles Conrad, Joseph Kerwin, and Paul Weitz was launched on a repair mission of the Skylab 1 space station. After rendezvousing with the station, a fly-around was conducted to assess the damage. The solar wing 2 was completely missing and the solar wing 1 was just slightly deployed. The CSM docked to the station to plan activities. An hour later, it undocked for an EVA to fully deploy solar wing 1, which failed. On attempt to redock to the station, it took 8 attempts before docking was achieved. EVAs would later be held to fix solar wing 1 and to deploy a solar shield in place of the lost meteoroid shield, which brought the temperatures down in the station.

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2001: The Galileo spacecraft did a flyby of Callisto.

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2008: The Phoenix lander landed in the Mars polar region of Vastitas Borealis.

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May 26

1951: Astronaut Sally Ride was born. She flew on STS-7 and STS-41-G. Spaceflight achievement was being the first American woman in space.

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1951: Cosmonaut Mohammed Faris was born. He flew on Mir EP-1. Spaceflight achievement was being the first Syrian in space.


1961: The Freedom 7 spacecraft in which Alan Shepard flew in on a suborbital flight was displayed at the Paris Air Show.

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1969: Apollo 10 and its crew landed back in the Pacific after a mission to the Moon.

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1973: Skylab 2 performed its first EVA in which Paul Weitz attempted to free a jammed solar wing. It was the first and failed attempt to do so.

Image result for skylab 2 eva 1

1980: Soyuz 36 and its crew of 2 launched into orbit on a mission to the Salyut 6.

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1981: Soyuz T-4 and its crew of 2 landed back at Earth.

Image result for soyuz t-4 landing

1991: Soyuz TM-11 and its crew of 3 landed back at Earth. 

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