HSP: Back from Jool and exploration of Dres.

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@EvilEmotaku @KAL 9000 OPM and Kerbol Origins both have the same problem: they move Eeloo to Sarnus/Sarvin orbit, and I'm after something that doesn't move stock planets. OPM I'm definitely not using for this career save because I'm specifically saving it for the next one (and very much looking forward to it). I like the look of Kerbol Origins though, and I may see if I can revert the changes to Eeloo and install it anyway.


1 hour ago, greenTurtle1134 said:


OK, I know this wasn't on purpose but the word "it" is a really, really, really offensive way of referring to someone of indeterminate gender (or especially transgender). The word you probably want is their, which (though grammatically a bit awkward) is the best way we have in English to refer to either a hypothetical person of either gender or a specific person of unknown or ambiguous gender.

And for the record, my pronoun is "her."


1 hour ago, greenTurtle1134 said:

no need to add another dozen or so celestials that the program has to visit.

No worries, I actually specifically asked for recommendations for planet packs to install once I've made initial landings on all the stock ones, which is why everyone has suddenly started suggesting them.

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It's probably outside the scope for your current playthrough, but I've been watching Kerbol Starsystems a lot recently.  It might be something to consider for a future one!

Once I've finished my current run (which was strongly inspired by yours, if I hadn't mentioned that already), I was thinking of giving KSS a shot.  (Using Roverdude's Alcubierre Drive in conjunction with FTL Drive Continued.)

One question: Where do you intend to place your Kerbals when they retire?  Build a complex there at KSC so they could always sneak onto a ship whenever they get bored advise the new classes?  Or build a resort on the closest thing Kerbin has to a tropical beach?  :)

Greatly enjoying the missions!  Looking forward to the next post!

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On 3/20/2017 at 11:19 AM, KAL 9000 said:

Planet packs? 


(Come on, people! Chant with me!)


(I is the chanting!)

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