KSP Caveman Challenge 1.2

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5 hours ago, Anuter said:

Here is my submission in hard mode, without any experiment from Kerbin's land, water or athmosphere to make it a bit harder.

Great first entry - really like all the detail in your album.


To make things worse, the next Mun encounter kicked Jeb out of Kerbin SOI.

...And here goes Valentina!

Please tell me you're going to rescue poor Jeb and Valentina! :)


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I don't think I'm good enough to bring them back with a pusher tug without patch conics.

In the other hand, I like doing this low-tech challenge, so I want to continue this save game: only upgrading the R&D to see how far it's possible to go with the other Caveman restrictions.

After more experience and enventually unlocking the Klaw (it's just one node away), this should be doable!


Edit: I just realised that the ion engine is not so far above in the tech tree: since it is easy to launch 2t in low kerbin orbit, even unlocking the whole tree is not that challenging once you arrived at this point.

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