Civil War (A KSP War novel) The End

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Chapter 23

The Final Stand


Time: 2:30pm, 3 Weeks later

Location: Black Krags Military Base, 50km from Hub City (PRNS Capital)


    Gene smiled as he watched the 5th squadron group leave for the capital in a rush-offensive on the PRNS capital. With insane ground numbers, as well as a mighty air force, the NSK had decided that now was the time to strike. Their NSK forces would be assisted by East Kerbin troops, as well as a mishmash of volunteers and foreign equipment. However, the PRNS troops were reckless and on their home turf. This wasn’t going to be easy.. 

    With the Resistance crippling military factories in the PRNS, as well as a vital trade partner gained in both the USK (United States of Kerbolia) and Slavisnia, the Rebellion was getting crushed. However, thanks to help from the USK, TAPE was suffering a ton as well.

    Gene patted the side of his plane, like one would the side of a fine racehorse. “This could be it, Allie,” Gene said. “Our final battle.” The White Wings were going to be last to leave, and Gene knew their importance in this battle. He touched the side of the fuselage, where Meg had written the plane’s name, Allie, in big, red, loopy letters.

    “You ready?” Meg asked as another squadron landed for a re-fuel. “Yup. We got any reports on the current standings?” Gene replied. “3 of ours down, at least 5 or 6 of them down,” Meg responded. “And on the ground?” 

    “We’re getting stopped by their mortar. Wernher’s sending over a couple of Needles to deal with them,” Meg smiled as she imagined the destruction that Wernher’s missiles would inflict. “Good, good. We’re leaving in about 15,” Gene said, rushing off to rally the troops.

    Gene ran to the little camp they were staying at. No-one was there. Then, rushing off to the officers club, he found Jim and Thompberry watching the toilets. Paddy was nowhere in sight.

    A retching noise filled the room. “Nerves sir,” Jim explained. “Said he woke up feeling bad,” Thompberry added. Paddy stumbled out, and said to Gene, “I’m fine, Gene,” Paddy protested. 

    “Well you’re not flying with us!” Gene replied to Paddy, before turning to everyone else. “Come on. We’re heading out,” He said. “Gene. Please,” Paddy begged. “I’m sorry. We can’t have one of our best pilots heaving his guts up mid-battle,” Gene said before rushing off.

    One of the White Wing’s pilots were already gone. And the battle hadn’t even started yet.




Time: 3:15pm

Location: 10km from Hub City (PRNS Capital)


    As the lumpiness of a metropolis began to take shape on the horizon, Gene rallied the pilots in a pep-talk. I mean, after all, this was the final battle.

    “Okay everyone,” Gene said. “This is it. The big cookie. We’ve trained for this our whole lives, and now we’re here. I’d like to remind everyone why we’re here right now. You’re here in this outfit for one reason: You’re special. You’re the best pilots your country can serve up. And we all know that.

    “Now I know that after this battle, we may never see each other again. So I want to take a moment to remember what we’ve all done for each other. What we’ve accomplished- What we’ve achieved. 

    “I’d also like to take a moment to remember those who got us here, and those we lost along the way. Hans, who led us into battle from the start. Adam, who we barely got to know. Same for Robinson. And Paddy, who, despite his best efforts, couldn’t be here today. Finally, those brave fueling crews down on the ground, and the maintenance officers in the hangars.

    “If I had a glass, I’d toast them right now, but according to regulation, that’s illegal! So instead, let’s raise the metaphorical glass to all those brave kerbals.” The radio was silent, and then a clapping filled the mic.

    “BRAVO!!” Paddy cheered. “You in the control tower?” Gene asked. “Yup! I had to get some way of knowing what’s up!” Paddy replied. Gene laughed, and spied some targets down below.

    “Everyone, form up on me. Flaps to mode 0, gimbal on. It’s showtime.”



    Immediately, it was seemingly chaos. There were swarms on top of swarms of both enemy and friendly craft. Sometimes, there was the unfortunate case of friendly-fire. So far the ‘Wings’ had gotten at least 3 kills, and Gene was on the tail of another fighter. 

    “Just a little farther,” Gene muttered. A quick flick of the missile button obliterated the enemy craft. “On your tail!” Meg alerted Gene. He immediately yanked the control stick up, trying to lead the enemy craft into a stall. Gene grinned as he began falling. Spinning the plane around, Gene checked to make sure the control surfaces worked.

    Just like a bull-fighter, Gene was going to bait the enemy with the red cape. Then, at the last second, he was going to pull up.

    Seeing the ground coming up, Gene pulled up as hard as he could. The feint worked to perfection, with the enemy nose-diving straight into the ground. Gene could almost imagine the cartoon-y splat! noise and laughed.

    However, the G-forces were insane. At least 8 or 9 G’s of force went into the one maneuver. With the blood tinging the edges of his vision, Gene remembered what one pilot said about the F-51 “Spitfire”- The plane that was the basis for many modern NSK fighters- which had fought in the Veloxian Conflict; ‘You can pull a turn until it feels like your eyes are popping out of your skull, and she would still respond with the most graceful touch.”

    Gene grinned in joy as the battle swung it their favor. Twist and turn, roll and yaw, the Rebels got decimated with every maneuver. Finally, there were no more enemy aircraft in the sky.

    “That’s it,” Gene whispered. “It’s over…” A white flag rose above the capital building, and a huge cheer rose up from the depths of the city. “IT’S OVER!!!!!” The radio lit alight with joy. Some cried. Some screamed for joy. Some just stayed silent as they contemplated what happened.

    The war was over… 15 years……. It was finally over.

Epilogue! It's over! WHEW THAT'S A LOAD OFF ME CHEST!


Saving The World


    After the liberation of Hub City, TAPE surrendered almost immediately. The whole nation was in disbelief. After a bloody, violent 15-year conflict, the world was finally at peace. The issues that drove the nation apart were rectified. The NSK has been on the climb ever since.


    Hans was found in a POW camp, after being found guilty of being a spy. After being freed, he exiled himself. He hasn’t been found.


    Meg continued to be a military pilot for the NSK. Until the Dystrios War, where she was shot down, and unfortunately killed.


    Ariana was finally picked up by family members. Today, she’s the leader in adoption reform.


    Gene decided to retire from the pilot business 5 years after the war. He opened up the KSC from the old KAFB, which is now the leading base in space travel and design.


    All in all, everything ended well. At the reunion of the old EFS pilots, only 2 were missing. Sam, who was killed in a plane fire over enemy territory. And Hans, who was still in the POW camp.


    Gene knows that even if there were to be another conflict to affect Kerbin, he wouldn’t join. After all, he’d done his job. Saving the world.

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Epilogue II

Epilogue II

On with Life


    Val clapped, an action that was quickly followed up by Bob, Bill, and Haydi. “Thank you, Thank you,” Gene smiled. “So did they give you a plane?” Haydi asked. When every pilot retires, they’re given a plane of their own choice. Most choose to have their own planes designed for that one purpose; a one-of-a-kind model.

    “Yup. F-51 Spitfire,” Gene smiled. “No. Way. There’s got to be only like 25 of those left in the world!” Bill exclaimed. “Can we see it?”

    30 minutes later, Val, Gene, Haydi, Bill, and Bob were staring at the antique. Val whistled. “She’s beautiful,” She whispered, feeling the detailed woodwork on the side. “Wanna fly?” Haydi challenged. “Old vs new.” Val agreed, grinning from ear-to-ear.

    “Heck yeah!” Gene laughed, hopping in his plane. Haydi and Val rushed into their own jets, and they laughed as they chased each other around the continent.


The KSC would never be the same without Jeb. But that’s the way of nature. One link fails, the others must grow stronger. That’s the way it’s always worked.


And someday, there will be another conflict- It’s a fact. The only questions? How will we cope. And How will we move on.




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