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Hi everybody,

I started a new career game (v1.2) and put all reward slider (Funds, Science and Reputation) at 10%.

My goal: to unlock the entire tech tree with the difficulty on ultra hard mode!


In this thread I will report on the progress of my mission. I've already been working on the career for a couple of days and I didn't take pictures of all large events, so my apologies if my story looks a bit inconsistent.

I will not report on every single contract I've accepted, since that would become real boring, really fast. Instead, I will just talk about the approach I've used and talk about some cool stuff that happened along the way. So let's get started, shall we?


The beginning

With all slider on 10%, money is a real issue. I had to carefully select contracts, because many of them did not return any profit. Landing my ship near the space station is also very important. This way, I could minimize profit loss from the ship recovery. I would also try to use single stage ships as long as possible.

My first goals was to unlock basic rocketry, and Engineering 101.

Getting science was pretty difficult with the reward slider on 10%.



After several missions I saved enough science, from biome hopping, to unlock basic rocketry and Engineering. This also unlocked more contracts.

With liquid rockets unlocked, I could start collecting the science near the KSC.


It's a great day for rooftop science!



I earned money by performing:

  • Tourist missions
  • Crew report missions
  • Test stuff in flight

Flying sub orbital tourist missions was very profitable ( ~1300 Funds/ mission). I just flew straight up and landing near the KSC again.Crew report missions near particular zones were less profitable because of distance I landed from the space station. I used these missions to collect the science on different biomes!

In a short period I retrieved most of the science from Kerbin's biomes, which wan't much ( ~ 8 science points or something). I would have to visit the moons in order to progress any further. However, I wasn't able to get to the mun with my current available techs, so I asked the people on this forum to help me out. Many people had great ideas of increasing my science output and there were even two designs posted that would give me a Mun flyby ( thanks to @Cunjo Carl and @Streetwind for the help!). :D I eventually chose Streewind's design because of its simplicity. I really recommend everybody to check cunjo carls design as well. It's really something special and way past my designing capabilities. 

This is the Munshot, designed by Streetwind

I used it to perform a Mun Flyby:



Getting into orbit was easy.


I skimmed the outskirts of the SOI of the Mun and got all the science!


After that we head back


I received quite a lot of funds with the "world first milestones" which was nice.


We also got a lot of science



After the Mun flyby I almost had enough science points to get the survivability tech unlocked. I was lucky to find a contract that gave me 1 science point after completion which is quite a big deal on ultra hard mode. Now I could unlock the barometer!


With the barometer, I visited most of the biomes again to get all science points (0,4 per biome). After that, I started performing missions to earn funds to upgrade the astronaut complex, which costs 150k... I performed many test XXX mission, which gave me approximately 2000 funds per mission. I have to admit.. performing these missions over and over was a bit boring.
After many of flight hours, I finally saved enough dough to upgrade the facility.

I then put Jeb into polar orbit and from there we started performing EVA reports on all biomes we flew over. This gave me ~0,6 science points per biome! Hurray for me!

My next goal was getting enough science points to unlock the Terrier! That thing is essential for space travel! But 45 science points is very expensive price to pay, so we'll have to think of a way to up our science output. Luckily I didn't have to think for long... After several contracts, I received a test a terrier on the launch pad mission!! Naturally I was overjoyed! I didn't accomplish the mission, but instead.. I made a rocket that hopefully could get into orbit around the mun (and perhaps minmus?).


I shamelessly used part clipping to make the ship more compact. It had approximate 5200 m/s delta v. We flew towards the mun and successfully into orbit. We even had enough juice to get home! From here, Jeb made tons science points on EVA reports while skimming the surface. I don't have any pictures of this mission.

We  then flew home and received many juicy science points


After that, we refuelled the vessel and flew towards minmus, the science goldmine of the solar system. Here, Jebb also made several Eva reports and then headed back towards the KSC.







I had enough science points to unlock advanced rocketry and could ditch the terrier contract.


After unlocking the tech, I optimized the ship and squeezed an extra 600 m/s delta v out of it, making it able to land on Minmu. I also received a contract for landing on minmus which would give me ~35k funds :


35K funds rewards is a good deal if you ask me!


Landing on the flats because.. welll.. they're flat and we don't have to use energy to stay up right.


Planting the first flag


I lost the ship during the landing, but all the science has been contained.



Now, I've got enough science points (69) to unlock the tech. I'm still not sure what I'm going to choose. I'm thinking of picking Basic Science, because of the science jr module. I could also wait and save up to unlock the spark or skipper What do you guys think?

Thanks for reading! :D





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I cant imagine what your doing, to me 80% is low!

I've unlocked up to 160 per tech node on the tech tree and I still haven't landed on the Mun!

really should do it...

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Thanks. And i can't imagine how you unlock  those techs without leaving the planet. :)

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probes, lots and lots of probes, oh and scansat and DmagicOS

kind of cheating but it works! now I have to land on them to get the SCIEEENCE!!!

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We're still not out of the woods

Here's a small update of my current challenge. In my previous update, I unlocked the terrier node which made things way more interesting. I used the terrier to perform Mun and minmus flybys and the EVA reports came rolling in. Within an hour or two, I scienced every drop of EVA juice from all biomes. I chose to unlock the basic science node with all my science points.

Making a profit is still pretty difficult, but I managed to make a small yet steady profit.

With the science jr module unlocked It was time to step things up a bit. I designed a new ship that could land on minmus and performed experiments on every biome. I made money by performing "plant flag" missions, "get science from the surface" and "get science from space around xxx" missions. The money I received in advance from these missions was almost enough to fund the missions. The rest was profit!

I spent hours visiting all biomes on Minmus. Eventually I had enough funds to upgrade the launch pad. I thought I would be out of the woods from here on out, but that wasn't the case. With the new launch pad I could build bigger ships. But bigger ships are also more expensive, which meant less profit. The upgrade did make things bit more easy though, because I could increase the delta v budget a bit. 

My next upgrade was propulsion systems tech node.


I figured I could make smaller ships this way. I did help a bit, but I did have higher expectations... After that I unlocked stability for the cones and next I unlocked Fuel systems so I could build bigger ships with 30 parts.


With al these techs unlocked I visited the mun and started harvesting science on this surface. I visited three biomes in two separate missions and received a lot of funds for accepting the "exploring the Mun" contract.

After I landed back on kerbin I received an  "explore Duna" contract, which would give me ~75K worth of funds! I could really use this kind of cash so I accepted the contract. This wasn't a very smart decision, as you will see in a bit. 

I designed a ship with approximately 7200 m/s delta v. It could, in theory perform a returm mission to Ike! I launched the vessel and used the launch window planner mod to time my transfer burn. Without a manoeuvre node this is still pretty difficult. I didn't know if I had an encounter with the red planet. I had to "F5-F9" a lot to get a proper encounter, but I finally got one:


I tried to land on Ike, but due to all the previous correction burns (because i didn't have a manoeuvre node) I didn't have enough fuel to get home, so instead I just got the science from the upper atmosphere on Duna and got ready to journey to Kerbin once again. Once I was back again in orbit around the star, things became more difficult. I was in an elliptical orbit around the sun and I didn't know how to calculate my way back home. So I had to find an encounter by trial and error... many.. many errors.

But.. After an hour or so I found an encounter and we almost home. Man, was I overjoyed when I saw the ship passing through kerbins' SOI again!



Almost there!


Finally an encounter! Whoohoo!


Slowing down using the atoms of kerbin


Just a couple more orbits


There we go :)




Landing the ship on kerbin yielded many science points and funds!



What should I do next?

With many science points and funds, comes great responsibilty. What should I upgrade next

Building Upgrade:

  • Tracking station/ contract building: so I can make a proper flight plan and visit Ike and Gilly?
  • VBA: so I can make bigger ships?
  • Tech centre: so I can finally take surface samples


I don't think I will upgrade the VBA. WIth my current techs I'm able to get to Ike and back so that has no priority. What would you guys pick?

Tech node upgrade:

  • heavy  rocketry: for the poodle and skipper
  • electrics: so I can use solar power. use the OCTO to send scientist to ike and stuff for more science?


What would you guys pick?

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Update tech centre and choose electrics, they may be more usefull in long-term spaceflight

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in my career I haven't even built a 2.5 meter rocket, so I would go electrics, but I think heavy rocketry has a few 1.25 meter rocket parts, like the asparagus strut (fuel pipe)

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