crash into the sun NOW!!!

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this is a challenge to crash into the sun as fast as you can.

you have to have a video of you doing it, from launch to crash, the timer will be of the real life time it took so no speeding up video and no physics warp. time warp is allowed.

only rule: no cheats, stock or non stock but must be said which. it can be any controllable payload.

if you just can't have a video then post a picture of the complete craft and the time, what my time is shows you what kind of time I'm looking for.

my attempt, which won't count towards the leader board: 



1. Cunjo carl with 3:15

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Any excuse to speedrun, I'm in!

For going speed I just can't live without phystimewarp. I'll just triple my time for that segment :).

Build time: 1:18
Naming and loading: ~0:20
Waiting for phys stabilization on craft creation: 0:03
Flytime: 2:48 (by realtime x 3, for comparison it's 2:40 by ingame time)
Falltime: 0:20

Total for challenge: 3:08 --  Let's call it 3:15 to pad out any mistakes in my timing.

The craft launches at 1:35

video title subtext: J/K I think they're hilarious.

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37 minutes ago, rockets-don't-make-toast said:

I wasn't counting build time but okay. Build time is included as soon as I get to my computer.

Since it looked like you weren't I didn't count build time in my final time either. It's just there from habit. Either way seems fine by my book.
I only counted the flytime*3 + falltime.

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