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Probably my rocketjeep. I don't know why, but I decided one day that I wasn't going to bother with rovers and was instead going to make my final stage both a lander and a rover at the same time. 

 2.5m core, poodle as the motor with a double-long gray tank (the step down from the orange... I essentially built two different suspensions out of cubics and the larger frames and mounted sets of the big rover wheels to the metal framework.  Type A suspension went in the back, 12wheels total, type B went up front with 8 wheels. 

The not quite symmetric mass did wonderful things to my ability to not veer under power, but moar SAS helped with that. 

 And the landing?  Easy, come down like a lander and at the right moment, you cut power and crane it over and land on the wheels. Get out, fix any that popped, and off you go. Had 130 days of life support, a science lab, and both solar panels and batteries  for days.  Only limit to how much science you could pull was how much patience you had. 


 And returning to Kerbin?  Not a problem. No, we didn't just drive off a cliff and ignite.  Nope, I'd tuned the dV to where the jeep section wasn't coming back.  Instead, you drove somewhere near the equator, lined up west to east, and proceeded to the next page in the flight manual:

 Step 1: ensure all science is stowed upright in the locked position. We didn't come here to leave it all behind. 

Step 2: Give the rocketjeep a little reverse power to get it rolling. 

Step 3: Deploy the mortar legs.  Yes, Bob, I said mortar.  Why are you screeching?  Didn't you read the mission plan?  I assure you, this is perfectly safe. We did it in the lab a dozen times. 

Step 4: Immediately before the legs come in contact with the ground, hit the stage key.  This will separate the mortar from the jeep lower assembly.  The jeep's momentum will carry it away from the launch site, preventing it from interfering. Your rearward momentum will also ensure the mortar will cant upwards properly, secured by the two totally-not-repurposed lander legs previously perpendicular to the ground.

Step 5: Make sure nobody has to use the bathroom before proceeding to step 6.

Step 6: Throttle to full. 

Step 7: Engage final stage.  The ejection force should see you clear of the tube just fine.  Continue accelerating until low orbit is achieved. Jeb has figured out that part by now, right? Right. Let him do it. 

Step 8: Plan and execute optimal maneuver node to return to Kerbin. 


Honestly, I don't remember if I was more excited I stuck the landing the first time... Or the fact that all my precision guess work translated all the way to a successful return. 


All hail rocketjeep, first of its name. 

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After having the game for maybe a few hours, deciding that I should built a space station

The lesson in this case being that if you're going to learn how to dock, you probably shouldn't start with massive truss sections

Still, the feeling once getting docking mentally sorted out and the station started coming together in LKO was amazing

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Tough call -- this game has had a LOT of moments.

Probably "proudest" would be the evening I realized I'd just built, launched, flew, orbited, and landed an SSTO back on the KSC runway -- from scratch, completely off-the-cuff, seat of the pants, first try, no testing, forgotten parts, or modifications required.

I felt like Howard Hughes.

(If I'd set out to do that, of course, there would have been untold tragedy, I'm sure...:D)



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On 4/23/2017 at 9:17 PM, cantab said:

Oh actually, I should have remembered earlier, I still like bragging about this thing:

Even though it lagged like heck and needed fuelhack to make orbit. Now that KSP runs faster and I have a faster PC, I should break it out again and improve the launch system to fly it legit.

Yeesh, what'd you call that thing, the StarScraper?

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When I finally got to my first orbit, which was an 75.005km by 180 km orbit.

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