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Back in and throughout november ksp weekly mentioned a review of ksp's colliders and how different part makers did different things and how squad was going to make them consistent throughout the game.

Is this still a thing that is going to be done? Is it coming in 1.3? I haven't heard a thing about it after this point

(P.S. I've tried throwing the models in blender but I can't find any differences so far. The inline docking port is still over 0.1m shorter than than the space between its attachment nodes, the RT-10's collider is still strangely oblong shaped, and other weird old placeholder asset artifacts)

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My recollection is that it was work on the collider performance, and I recall doing some of the testing on some of the parts for that and them being published - eg the toroidal tank one. I don't recall any work on changing specific postions/sizes/scales that weren't performance based, but I am only one of the team. Will have a look in some spare time here for more info/bug reports for things like that docking port collider

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