"Start" Science Node: How High Can You Get?

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Ok, Ive done it.


Start science only, a multi-tier wedding cake of Fleas with thermal-structural decouplers, and a **lot** of retries.


Things I learned:

*Structural member is a good decoupler, but a bit heavy.

*Angled fins on capsule are essential for spin stabilisation during reentry, but they are a slight problem for rotational stability during launch. Adding a counter-angled fin one stage lower is not a complete cure for this.

*If you spin rapidly enough, and you have an expended flea pointing into the wind, you can survive reentry just fine. (rapidly enough is on the order of 2000 rpm.. no idea how Jeb syrvived that!)

*When using structural member for launch, launch *gently*.. A 9-tier wedding cake of a rocket will not appreciate the aero or gravity forces of a rapid launch.


Disclaimer: The images in the album are representative, and actually sampled from many, many, many attempts. Sequence may be off. Max altitude is the best i managed to survive from. I reached much higher, but died due to non-reentry, or too steep reentry. Many Many deaths. so sad!



859101.3m alt

Achieved *almost* orbit.. After using allowed jetpack fuel, I was in a 859.1kmx61km almost-orbit.


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@MarvinKitFox Once you get your orbit line above 70 m or so (68,000? :P) let me know! You also didn't list your finished science points, which would give you a higher position on the leaderboard. For now I'll put you on the "suborbital" leaderboard with a max height of 859,101 m and 0 science.

Edit: I noticed you were on a science file mode (not career), due to the level 3 VAB and launchpad, I'll let it go this time

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