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Is there a way to edit the tutorial text?

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I am thinking about creating a custom scenario challenge involving a storyline that would appear as you go along. However, then I realized that flags were the only "real" way to do this, and they can't exist off the ground. Then I realized that the tutorial text boxes would serve my purpose well, or something akin to this.

Is there a way to create and edit these boxes? Or is there a mod that I can use to display text?

EDIT: Agh. I worded it a bit different than I thought I would, and it would fit better in Questions or in Add-on requests. Mods, you should probably move this one.


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I'm not exactly sure. From poking around in the game file, there seems to be a set of things called "ScenarioModules", though I'm unable to find them...

So it seems like you can, if you can find the place where ScenarioModules are kept

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