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Just now, seiryu said:

It's pretty small. Right?

It's huge! :sticktongue:

 Nah, good work matey. :)

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5 hours ago, seiryu said:

well,I made a small 20 parts electrolic prop.

It's pretty small. Right?


I admire your compact design but I think more people will like it over here:


Development update, my Focke Wulf Fw 190-A4. Another major redesign. Click the album for picture descriptions.


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For anyone having problems getting good performance out of your turboprops, here's a short list of do's and don'ts.

1: Don't use rigid attachment anywhere on the turbine shaft, this limits max engine RPM.
2: Don't use Kerbal Joint Reinforcement for the same reason.
3: Make sure your engine is capable of operating near 50 rad/s and keep it operating at those speeds. Unfortunately 50 rad/s is also near the physics redline so you need to watch your engine speed closely at all times.
4: Use a variable pitch propeller.
5: A larger diameter turbine means more torque.
6: Make use of the fact parts radially expand from the turbine shaft at speeds >30 rad/s. Build a stage for starting the engine, another stage that kicks in at 35 rad/s, these blowers start hitting the colliders of the turbine blades.
7: Try to build a stock fairing around your engine. All parts inside will be shielded and produce no drag. No airflow for cooling either so you'll need to build a cooling system as well.
8: Use Kerbal Engineer or V.O.I.D. for the ability to read engine speed.


Example turboprop with multi-stage blowers:

Example turboprop with a stock fairing and cooling system:

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