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    Okay. I'll safely post the gas giant Tilming and it's moons on a thread.
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    Is it okay for me to give you some planet ideas?
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    I noticed that the forum said that your birthday is today, so Happy Birthday NovaSilisko! I appreciate all of your hours put into this amazing game!
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    Happy birthday Nova!
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    Happy Birthday?
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    I just now noticed that you made the Just Cause 2 X vs Y videos. I watched those all the time before I even knew Kerbal Space Program existed. Small World.
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    Why must you put so much pressure on me since I'm making the N1-L3, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Nova can you please add to 0.17 new menu screen with crashed ship on Eve and with EVA-ing kerbals?
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    [pretendquote][–]NovaSilisko[S] 52 points 8 months ago
    There's still a dead baby in my water source.

    [–]Chmeee 11 points 8 months ago
    Welp! Haunted well in a little bit!

    [–]NovaSilisko[S] 24 points 8 months ago
    This actually happened yesterday, and I've yet to be haunted by a ghost baby.
    Which kinda upsets me, that would have been an amazing source of Fun.[/pretendquote]

    Found this on DFStories, I didn't know you used to play Dwarf Fortress!
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Solar system early development pictures - from after 0.15.2 to just before 0.17

by NovaSilisko on 12th October 2012 at 18:24
I recently dug up my old development screenshots folder. I've picked out a selection of them to show off how things progressed over the course of several updates, as the planets were constructed backstage.



by NovaSilisko on 28th August 2012 at 18:39
So, after nearly 5 hours of discussion, the planet names have been settled!

Original Name: New Name, Adjective
  • LavaPlanet: Moho, Mohonan or Mohonian
  • CloudyPlanet: Eve, Evotian
  • Gilly: still Gilly, Gillian
  • DesertPlanet: Duna, Dunan or Dunian
  • DesertPlanetMoon: Ike, Iketian
  • GasPlanet1: Jool, Joovan
  • OceanMoon: Laythe, Laytherian
  • IceMoon: Vall, Vallestrial
  • RockyMoon: Tylo, Tylosan
  • Bop: still Bop, Bopian

(The adjectives are my own creation so don't feel

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