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Thread: C7 Aerospace Division - Part 3 (Experimental Gear plugin in first post)

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    C7 Aerospace Division - Part 3 (Experimental Gear plugin in first post)

    C7 Aerospace is proud to announce the release of our experimental, second generation systems. This is only the beginning of our complete update to the C7 Aerospace line of aircraft products.

    This thread will contain all news and experimental releases during the development period. Please be advised that these parts are very much in testing. As such, please let me know of any errors, omissions or general 'OMFG this part is HAX' sort of concerns. Also, keep in mind these engines are tuned for atmospheric use. If you use them in space, they will be overpowered... So keep them under 30k if you want to be 'realistic'

    Part 3 Includes these new parts

    .5 Meter Engines, Engine bodies and Intakes. (Half Size)
    Small Pylon for Nacelles.
    Forward swept Canards
    Cockpit Nose Cone body
    Aerodynamic nose cone.
    Avionics nose cone (ASAS)
    Mk1 Fuselages - Structural (Empty) Jet Fuel (Kerosene) Rocket Fuel (Hydrazine)

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed issues with the node collider of the 1 meter cockpit. It will no longer explode for no reason.

    Part 2 Includes these new parts.

    Added 1-21-2012

    C7 Strut Connector
    C7 Fuel Lines
    Inline MK1 Cockpit
    Second Generation MK1 Cockpit

    Update 1

    Standard TurboFan intake
    Ram Air Intake

    Cowled - Radiator Engine Body
    Air Scoop Engine Body

    Toroidal Aerospike Engine
    Fighter Jet Vectored Engine
    Standard Vectored Jet Engine
    Standard Jet Engine

    Wing Pylons, and Hull Pylons
    Structural Tail section - This is Winter Owl\'s part, as thanks for the tutorial series. Turned out to be one of my favorites.

    Examples of new parts. I\'ll have more pictures later when I have time to properly \'shop them up.

    Click Spoiler for example shots


    Third Experimental Release - Requires KSP .13 or Higher

    Third Experimental Release - Alternative download Requires KSP .13 or Higher

    Standard Flight Pack Download (Until this pack is completed, download and use the parts below in addition to the experimental builds)
    Moved to the bottom of this post

    Flight Pack Community add-ons and enhancements - Updated 1-27-2012

    Please contact me if your add-on is missing. Thanks!

    The Matty Prince Aircraft Carrier / Parts

    JellyCubes Advanced Weapons R&D - Weapons and Other Miscellanea

    TiberDyne Aerospace R&D Division

    Gaby\'s Quick And Dirty Miscellania

    HSTW Landing Beacons, Amphibious Gear, Drone

    Inaugural Kerbal Air Race Championship


    -- Massive Disclaimer -- BETA Gear Plugin module

    This isn\'t done. I still have a lot of work to do with it. But I think if squashed most of the (die horribly when landing) bugs.
    I am well aware of these issues.

    - The icon for the gear is missing
    - The wing versions are not done yet.
    - There are no textures or uv\'s for the model I slapped together for testing
    - The source code is a mess, but will be posted soon. So if you don\'t trust the dll. Don\'t use it.

    That said. Download this at your own risk, I can\'t guarantee anything as I\'m still in the process of testing things out thoroughly....

    Hit B for brakes, gear extend and retract using the standard gear key. 'G'.

    Models, Textures and Design by - C7
    UV Mapping - Killerhurtz
    Part.cfg assistance and consultation (vectored engines) - NovaSilisko

    Original Flight Pack in the Spoiler Below


    This Pack will no longer be updated. See C7 Aerospace for development of the replacement pack and to download experimental releases.

    Update: C7 Flight Pack is now available at the KSP Yard.

    Also: Good news, there is now a tutorial thread for all those who are curious about spaceplane building techniques!


    Now with video!

    ->Kerbal Space Program: C7 spaceplane tutorial, part 1, building the first airplane

    Very Special thanks to the Winter Owl for working on this.

    Version 2.16 Release !Requires KSP version .12 or higher!

    Fixed issues with the engine thrust being backwards after the upgrade to .13 of KSP. I\'ve also removed the gimballing of the engine, as it was not intended. You can re-enable it if you like by setting thrustVectoringCapable = true in the part.cfg.

    I\'ve also made the mod compatible with the JGSM Generic Mod enabler. If you don\'t wish to use the mod enabler, just extract the contents of the C7FlightPack folder to the parts folder of your KSP installation. If you have any questions, let me know.

    Reduced overheating issues with the engines.

    Version 2.1 Release !Requires KSP version .11-x3 or higher!

    Major release, lots of new textures and models. Along with improvements on resilience of parts. Landing should be possible, but its still difficult. Added a complete modular RCS system and fuel tanks in this release. Also added Mk3 style hulls and parts. (Similar to the space shuttle or Buran energia). I also cleaned out the release logs on the first page. Old releases will be available for under the spoiler at the bottom of the page. I\'m going to start removing them, so grab them if you want them for some reason.

    Parts List

    Parts for Mk2 Hulls
    Half Size Fuselage
    RCS Fuel Tank
    Forward and reverse adapters to 1m hulls
    Advanced SAS module
    Inline Hull Decoupler

    Parts for Mk3 Hulls
    Half Size Fuselage
    RCS Fuel Tank
    Fuselage Adapters, forward and reverse to spaceplane Mk2 hulls
    Advanced SAS module
    Inline Hull Decoupler
    Full size Cockpit

    General Parts

    Wing Landing Gear R/L
    Centered Landing Gear
    Standard Lifting Canards
    Controllable Canards
    1m Cockpit
    3 Angles of standard control surfaces (ailerons, elevators, etc)
    3 Angles of Heavy control surfaces (ailerons, elevators, etc)
    Mini controls surfaces, Mini Heavy control surfaces
    Delta Wing
    Structural Wing - Rectangle
    Structural Wing - Delta
    Jet TurboRocket Engine
    Wing fuel tank
    Cone for Standard pod
    5 Directions of angled RCS port thrusters.
    Landing heavy RCS Port thrusters
    Shock Plates, and L/R wing versions
    2 Variants of swept wings
    Large and small standard wings.
    Tail Fins
    XR-style wing, Small, Large and with engine mounts.

    Hard Points - In progress, Optional
    A variety of bolts that attach to hulls and wings. These allow you to attach parts to places you would otherwise not be able to.
    This can be used to make t-tail planes and to angle wings as you want.

    ScreenShots of Parts

    Example 1 - Shows New Cockpit, Canards, Fuselage, XR-Wing with Engine, Wing Tanks and Turborocket Engine.

    Example 2 - Shows Shock plates

    Example 3 - Shows a Successful Landing

    Example 4 - Shows Large XR-Wing and TailFins

    Example 5 - Shows Massive Wings for 2-3m hulls

    Example 6 - Basic Wings

    Example 7- Landing with Heavy RCS system

    Example 8- Mk3 Hulls

    Example 9- Updated textures and models on older parts.

    Notes and usage Guide:

    The wings work best if used at the center of gravity for your rockets. Try not to turn too quickly and use the precise control method for best results.
    Important Control surface notes- Control surfaces that are placed using symmetry will act as Ailerons. Ones that are placed without symmetry will work as elevators or rudders. This applies to all control surfaces, including Canards. You can manage oversteer by using the mini control surfaces as ailerons and all other parts as elevators.
    Special thanks to Foamyesque for this information.

    A further note on attachments. If a control surface is linked by symmetry, they will generate rotation at their common center. Below is a diagram of how this works.


    C7 Flight Pack Version 2.16 !Requires KSP .12 or higher!

    Hard points Add on - Current Version 0.5

    C7 SpacePlane Exchange, Get some sample craft here!

    Old Releases

    Featured Videos!

    By Herra Tohtori

    By WinterOwl (A complete 'let\'s play' of KSP and the flight pack) Good as a tutorial of sorts.

    First Video in the Series

    Playlist of all videos
    Let\'s Fly Kerbal Space Program, part 1

    Please let me know if you experience any issues with the pack. Let me know what parts you want added in the next update!


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    Re: C-7 Aviation Pack v0.95

    Something like this could be pretty cool when / if other planets are ever implemented.

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    Re: C-7 Aviation Pack v0.95

    Looks very nice.

    One part I would like to make sometime soon is a single or a pair of skis that would make horizontal landings a little easier to accomplish without breaking other parts.

    Just letting you know it's on my to-do list.
    [img width=50 height=50][/img][img width=50 height=50][/img][img width=50 height=50][/img][img width=50 height=50][/img][img width=50 height=50]

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    Re: C-7 Aviation Pack v0.95

    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainSlug View Post
    One part I would like to make sometime soon is a single or a pair of skis that would make horizontal landings a little easier to accomplish without breaking other parts.
    i support this.

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    Re: C-7 Aviation Pack v0.95

    I've been messing with some sort of landing gear. But the main problem I seem to have is that they rip off at the joint. Or just transfer enough force into the fuselage to destroy it. You might have to make all the parts strong enough to take a hard landing. It's something I've been working on in my pack too. If you can find a way around these problems let me know. Modelling it isn't the issue for me ^_^

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    Re: C-7 Aviation Pack v0.95

    Nice little parts, hope to see more from you

    Good luck!

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    Re: C-7 Aviation Pack v0.95

    very nice going to have some fun with these looking forward to going forward

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    Re: C-7 Aviation Pack v0.95

    I can't get any planes I make with these wings go anywhere, the controls are useless. :\
    Edit: Fixed it! I didn't want to replace the stock CM, so I downloaded the cockpit separately, stuck it on stop of my CM and hid the CM with a Sunday Punch decoupler shroud. Great mod!

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    Re: C-7 Aviation Pack v0.95

    If you dont mind, do you think you can give us the Single engine space/aircraft for download?

    Edit: I recreated you biplane, MAN, is that thing unstable.

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    Re: C-7 Aviation Pack v0.95

    @ rotten194, Yea the stock command module doesn't have enough torque to let you fly properly. You have to use either the cockpit I made or something like the attitude control system from sunday punch. He calls it an RCS Module.

    I can actually upload my test flight platforms. But I'll have to give you some advice on using them. First things first, fly using only the tilt up and down on the rocket, and a combination of spinning the fuselage. If you use side to side torque (essentially what would be rudder). You will enter a spin of death, as you will be facing a direction other then the one you are currently heading in. I've managed some nice acrobatics using just roll and pulling up or down smoothly. Also try precision control by toggling caps lock.

    As another note, I've found placing the wings near the center of balance to be absolutely critical. If you get this wrong or mess up weight distribution, it'll fly more like a boat.

    @Douglas ltd. Haha yea, that one is a fun to fly, and I do mean the dwarf fortress definition of fun In subsequent models I've made them very stable. If you want I can upload my craft files. I've managed to get 747 style wings working too. Trust me its entertaining to put those on the 3m hulls

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