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Thread: [0.24.2] Taverio's Pizza and Aerospace v1.7.1 (22/09)

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    [0.24.2] Taverio's Pizza and Aerospace v1.7.1 (22/09)

    Taverio's Pizza and Aerospace

    Mostly this pack will be of interest to you because it brings stock spaceplane parts (and those from a few mods) into line with the balance from B9 Aerospace, since I use the same spreadsheets to generate the numbers for both.

    This pack contains the stuff I add to KSP to make flying spaceplanes fun for me.

    Wings, jet engines, spacecraft fuselages, all of the spaceplane stuff is rebalanced the way I like it. The balance is heavily towards realism. In general this makes things a bit harder.

    There's also a few custom parts for things I thought were missing, as well as parts by other modders who were kind enough to let me include them. Its a big of a hodgepodge, really.

    This pack doesn't touch (for the most part) non-spaceplane parts. I suggest you grab the Stock Rebalance mod to get everything else nicely balanced as well. Squad is still busy adding features, so they're not too concerned with balance polish yet.

    And before you ask, I don't use Tweakscale because to bend it to my will is a major undertaking, and because it chokes hard on switchable fuel tanks, powered by FireSpitter or ModularFuelTanks/RealFuels.

    Since this mod adds switchable fuel tanks to all stock and SP+ fuselages, don't scale those parts or very strange things will happen.

    Rescaled and variant stock parts:

    • Tailfin (2 sizes).
    • AV-R8 Winglet (2 sizes).
    • Delta-Deluxe Winglet (2 sizes).
    • Swept Wing (5 sizes).
    • Landing Gear (3 sizes).
    • 0.625m (probe size) diameter Mk1 spaceplane fuselages, jet engines, intakes and nacelles.
    • Heavier, stronger small hardpoint actually able to support an engine.
    • Faster, heavier, far more power-hungry sort-of-balanced racing versions of the medium wheels, with torque curves based on the Tesla Roadster.
    • 1.25m Cubic and Octo Strut.
    • 0.625m Girders & Adapter.

    Additional parts:

    • Mk2 and Mk3 alternate adapters (flat upper side rather than lower).
    • Mk2 to 2xMk1 BiCoupler.
    • Asymmetrical Airplane Tail fuselage part.
    • High supersonic range ramjet engine.
    • SR-71 style shock cone intake.
    • UAV probe core with internal camera view, pan & zoom.
    • 2 very small UAV/Ultralight-size jet engines.
    • Conformal RCS tanks in 2 sizes.
    • Lots of extra wings.
    • A stronger, longer strut to lash it all together.

    Balance notes:

    • All wings and control surfaces balanced to vary in lift/drag/mass/connection strength realistically but still be in the stock value range.
    • All spaceplane fuselages actually given sensible, scaled values for mass/capacity/connection strengths.
    • All jet engines given pseudo-realistic Isp and Speed curves. Its not AJE, but at least its not fairyland.
    • All intakes tweaked to have proper drag per intake area.
    • All rover wheels have had their speed and steering curves redone for a smoother driving experience. The motors now behave roughly like real induction motors, and are generally much better at climbing inclines.
    • All landing gear have had their impact and connection strength values adjusted. They're still floppy, but its better than nothing.
    • Quite a few parts with visibly wrong attach nodes have had their attach node positions tweaked.
    • Spaceplane fuselage parts now have switchable fuel tanks, powered either by Firespitter (included) or ModularFuelTanks/RealFuels.
    • Additional spaceplane fuselage versions that varied only in resource contents - from previous versions of TVPP, and the structural MK1 - have been hidden from the parts list and tech tree.

    Edits to mods:

    • NovaPunch2's winglets have had their mass/cost/lift/drag/connections redone. They also now support FAR|NEAR.
    • Spaceplane+'s wings have had their mass/cost/lift/drag/connections redone. Some errors in the provided FAR/NEAR files have been fixed.
    • SP+'s fuselages have had their mass/cost/connection/capacity redone. The Fuel versions now have switchable fuel tanks powered by Firespitter (included) or ModularFuelTanks/RealFuels. The previously dry fuselage sections now have switchable FS/MFT/RF fuel tanks too.
    • SP+ fuselages rendered redundant by the above are hidden from the parts list and tech tree.

    Backup your save.

    Install the 'Gamedata' directory for the main mod files.

    For the camera in the Ballshark to function you will also need to have HullCamVDS installed. It will work fine (without the cool camera) if you don't have it.

    Requires ModuleManager.2.4.4.dll or later (included).

    Ramjets are hard to use. You'll need to be going at least 1100m/s to successfully transition to ramjet propulsion, and since the Turbojets about stop going there (like the real ones) this will be hard.
    Don't try to use them for spaceplanes, they're designed to go real fast in-atmosphere.

    Spaceplane fuselages now have the correct capacities for their volume (adjusted for greater inert fraction to account for the much greater impact and connection strength values). If you try to build planes stock-style just using fuel sections everywhere, you're going to have a hard time getting off the ground.
    You don't need nearly as many fuel tanks - you can get around the world in on a single Mk2 fuel tank if you design right, so use the structural sections. They're there for a reason.





    Please report bugs on the Issue Tracker

    [Spoiler: Changelog]

    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 Unported License.

    Alternative spaceplane adapters remodel by rkman, originally by C7, used with permission: Forums

    Heavy Strut from Novapunch, edit by Tiberion, originally by HarvesteR, used with permission: Forums

    Mk2 BiCoupler by JellyGoggles, based on work by C7, used with permission: Forums

    NTBI Airplane Style Wing Parts, by ac14, used with permission: Spaceport

    Ballshark, Bonusjet and Tinyjet by DYJ, used with permission.

    All other models by Squad.

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    Re: [0.16] Spaceplane parts rescales and edits

    So is it just regular plane parts but bigger?

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    Re: [0.16] Spaceplane parts rescales and edits

    I like this. I tried it and my plane designing just got even more complicated. I even somehow managed to get into sub-orbital with 4 ramjets, apo. ~100km, but anyways, I love it!

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    Re: [0.16] Spaceplane parts rescales and edits

    Quote Originally Posted by Skyro View Post
    I even somehow managed to get into sub-orbital with 4 ramjets, apo. ~100km, but anyways, I love it!
    That's kind of why people are doing ram/scramjet research.

    Unfortunately the models in KSP don't allow me to make a ramjet that will keep you up @ 19k but won't get you suborbital without switching to scramjet, but I'm still pretty happy with the stats.
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    Re: [0.16] Spaceplane parts rescales and edits

    yay, now suborbital flights are easy! unfortunately, there\'s really nothing to use them for, ATM, but its good practice. And its fun to see if I can successfully launch a Mechjeb equipped rocket into orbit after carrying it up to 55KM.


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    Re: [0.16] Spaceplane parts rescales and edits

    Nice work, I\'d just started wondering whether to go to all the trouble myself, glad you beat me to it!

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    Re: [0.16] Spaceplane parts rescales and edits

    My dream.

    EDIT: Wow that totally ....ed me over. For some reason my MK1fuselage isn\'t loading up. I even copied one from stock and put it in.

    There goes my entire .16 folder...

    EDIT: Fixed it. Do not download the scaled fuselages pack.
    Okay... one of you guys thought it would be funny to smash the rocket into the command center... very funny...

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    Re: [0.16] Spaceplane parts rescales and edits

    tried downloading all the files and its one single file or folder, not even a rar/zip. doesnt work.
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    Re: [0.16] Spaceplane parts rescales and edits

    In the first aero engine picture, what plugin/addon is that with the laser guidance stuff?
    KSP has come a long way since its first days...

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    Re: [0.16] Spaceplane parts rescales and edits

    It\'s called Romfarer_LazorSystem, you can find it in the pugin development forum.
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