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Thread: Debug mode ?

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    Debug mode ?

    Is there a way to run my plugin in a debug mode when using Release version of the KSP ? I would like to have brakepoints Easier to debug (MS Visual Studio 2k10)

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    I insert a lot of return; statements until i find the line with the exception. That is, when i have forgotten what i was writing. Normally i just write a few lines of code and test it immediately. But if i could run a debugger at the same time i guess that would be A LOT easier ;-)


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    The only things I know about are:
    alt + f2
    ctrl + alt + shift + D
    PLEASE check out Known Issues & Fixes before you post your problem on the thread of MMI.
    Neither do PM me about your problem, I will ignore it. You will not get a special treatment that over others!

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