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Thread: How do I install Plugins ,Plugin Data? Also MechJeb?

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    How do I install Plugins ,Plugin Data? Also MechJeb?

    I have a number of things I want to install but I'm not sure how to do it properly. Adding Parts is simple enough so is plain Plugins, but when it says PluginData I'm not sure what to do. Same with one called Resource and Source. Additionally how Do you make MechJeb work?
    Thanks for the time.

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    Every folder can be copied into your KSP directory. It will merge folders where needed. PluginData and Resources are, like Parts and Plugins, standard folders in the KSP directory. But source is usually the actual uncompiled code and isn't needed. It's so other pluginmakers can take a look at it or something.

    MechJeb requires a mechjebpart or pod on it to work. Then in the flightscene to the right is a tab you can click on. From there you can work with the different modules MechJeb has to offer. If it seems overwhelming, check the online manual (a button for it in mechjebscreen)

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