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Thread: Demo compatable mods?

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    Demo compatable mods?

    Are there any mods with still active links that i can use in the demo?

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    almost all mods that don't use plugins works with the demo version. Things like rocket parts and space plane parts.

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    So could i then make a space plane which piggy backs on a rocket? Also, could you recommend me some?
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    Novapunch for certain. The main creator (Novasilisko) was hired by Squad - you can't get higher praise than that.

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    Cool, i'll check it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flaillomanz View Post
    Novapunch for certain. The main creator (Novasilisko) was hired by Squad - you can't get higher praise than that.
    Sillisko didn't make Novapunch, he made part if it, but he abandoned SIDR.
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    Sorry to seem lazy, but would you mind finding me a link?

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    Or you could skip lunch one day and buy the full game, then you can download all the mods you want. Can't find a better game than this for the price...and it's not even finished yet

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    Kodemunkey, NovaPunch is currently unavailable for download because of licensing. Squad has recently required that all mods borrowing another's work must have permission. This mod pack is a combination of two old, abandoned mods by NovaSilisko and SundayPunch. Nova's permission is no problem, but SunayPunch disappeared off the forums months ago.

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    18 $ is not much.. If there is a game to support it's this one.. they work hard to develop this and they are worth the dubble amount..

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