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Thread: [0.23] Kerbal Engineer Redux - v0.6.2.3

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    [0.23] Kerbal Engineer Redux - v0.6.2.3

    Kerbal Engineer Redux

    Due to the original development being abandoned. I have taken it upon myself to re-create this very useful tool. This plugin will allow you to view important statistics about your ship on the fly, whilst building it. Just attach the Engineer part anywhere onto your ship and up will come a nice window showing you lots of cool stuff. By popular demand the engineer has an add-on module that will also allow it to work within flight. The Flight Engineer will give you important and useful information for surface and orbital flight manoeuvres.

    Padishar is currently working on altering the simulation used within Kerbal Engineer Redux. I am currently busy working on the v1.0 implementation of KER, so please go and try out his version of All feedback relating to his version and primarily the delta-V and vessel information is extremely helpful, as the work he's doing on the fuel flow simulation will ultimately be in 1.0.


    Nerdy stuff here!

    Kerbal Engineer Redux includes the ability to integrate with Blizzy78's Toolbar Plugin.
    NOTE: The toobar plugin has not been bundled with Kerbal Engineer Redux. Please download from the official forum thread.

    Version Report
    - Added: Compatibility with mods using ModuleEnginesFX like the FTmN series.
    - Changed: Disabled update checking as the system has not been used in a while.
    - Fixed: Potential bug which could cause KER to stop updating.
    - Fixed: Bug in the VAB/SPH with locking + toolbar.
    - Fixed: Bug with how the toolbar button is created and used.
    - Fixed: Crash if set to impact any body without a PQS Controller.
    - Added: Integration with Blizzy78's Toolbar Plugin.
    - Added: Compatibility with multi-mode engines (e.g. R.A.P.I.E.R)
    - Changed: Window ID intialisation method.

    Planned Features
    Better compatibility with FAR.
    Note: I will try and implement all features, but sometimes this is not possible due to time limitations.

    Special Thanks
    Duxwing - Copy editing part descriptions and more.
    mic_e - Impact calculations.
    Keptin - For creating the tape drive model! (animation module was by me)
    MrPwner - For supplying an awesome part model for use with this plugin! (EngineerChip)

    Known Problems

    Version History
     - Updated for 0.23 compatibility.
     - Fixed: Crash when on impact course into the sun.
     - Added: Adjusts for tweakable thrust settings.
     - Changed: Using modified SI distance formatting from 1.0.
     - Changed: General tidy up of the value formatting.
     - Fixed: Compatibility with FAR.
     - Fixed: Crashes caused under Linux.
     - Added: Impact calculations. (thanks to mic_e)
     - Changed: From .NET 4.5 to 3.5.
     - Updated for 0.22 compatibility including career mode.
     - Fixed: Bug with the fuel lines not working.
     - General fixes for KSP v0.21.1
     - Updated: Interface Styles (smoother look)
     - Fixed: Swapped Atmospheric Density & Pressure labels.
     - Fixed: Solid Rocket Booster bug where deltaV is not displayed.
     - Added: Vessel simulation for deltaV now runs on its own thread.
     - Loads'a Stuff!
     - Added: Extra part containing just the Build Engineer without the Flight Engineer.
     - Fixed: A completely different bug in the Build Engineer.
     - Fixed: Bug in the build engineer.  (Caused by an unfixed bug in KSP, handling the softLock feature of the EditorLogic)
     - Fixed: Bug with Vessel display in the Flight Engineer which caused the GUI to freeze.
     - Fixed: How the phase angle calculations were done so they are now correct.
     - Added: Phase angle calculations for going between planets.
     - Added: Maximum G-Force achieved in the Flight Engineer.
     - Added: Extra T/W ratios in the Build Engineer for most of the new planets/moons.  (Only the ones where gravity info is available)
     - Changed: The deltaV in the Flight Engineer now uses the actual Isp of the engine at the time, rather than assuming vacuum Isp.
     - Changed: The relative velocity in the Rendezvous Display only shows the magnitude of velocity difference.
     - New: Rendezvous display in the Flight Engineer.
    • Ability to select through Vessel, Debris and Celestial Body targets.
    • Phase Angle
    • Relative Inclination
    • Altitude of target
    • Distance from target
    • Relative forward, horizontal and vertical velocity to target.
    - Added: Saving and loading of window positions. - Fixed a game breaking bug accidentally introduced into the Build Engineer. 0.4.1 - New: Will now work with the LiquidFuelEngineFix mod. - Added: cost column into the Build Engineer. - Added: the option to view all stages or only the important stages within the Build Engineer. - Added: the ability to fold out the sections within the Flight Engineer. - Added: altitude from sea level into the Flight Engineer. - Moved: some of the Flight Engineer details around. - Fixed: Bug where the Flight Engineer would not re-activate properly when switching between nearby vessels. 0.4 (breaks backwards compatibility) - Complete re-code of plugin logic to use only PartModule's. - Added: New EngineerChip part as Strut with BuildEngineer and FlightEngineer modules. - Fixed: Bug where the Build Engineer does not work after Ctrl+Z (Undo) within the VAB. - Fixed: Bug where the Flight Engineer would conflict when other ships also using the Flight Engineer were within 2.5km. 0.3 - Re-factored the code to allow Delta-V displays within the Flight Engineer. - The Assembly Engineer now only shows useful stages containing Fuel or Isp. - Added to the Flight Engineer:
    • Orbital Period
    • Semi-major Axis
    • Delta-V (Stage & Total)
    • Fuel (Stage/Total)
    • Mass (Stage/Total)
    • Thrust to Weight Ratio
    • Vertical Speed
    • Horizontal Speed
    • G-Force
    • Longitude
    • Latitude
    0.2.1 - Fixed: Bugs caused when multiple Engineer parts are attached to the same ship. - Fixed: The interface is now shown when a ship is loaded into the VAB (No need to detach and re-attach part). 0.2 - Complete re-code to make the plugin modular, ready for KSP 0.17. - New: EngineerChip and EngineerChipFlight parts by MrPwner. (Including high & low res textures). - New: Flight Engineer which will display statistics whilst in flight. - New: GUI design to make it more intuitive and look nicer. - Added: modularised Thrust to Weight Ratios for easy additions of new planets/moons. - Added: delta-v calculations for solid rocket boosters (as accurate as possible). - Added: delta-v is now calculated on older engines which do not have Isp values. - Fixed: delta-v calculations so they are now correct for each whole stage. - Fixed: drag bug which would cause the craft to tilt if launched with part still attached. - Fixed: Isp is bound to thrust so calculations with different engines are now correct. - Fixed: some GUI bugs related to auto-sizing and staging.

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    Nice! Been waiting for this!
    No more manually calculating Delta-V's!
    I guess the original model would give licensing issues?
    Anyway, thank, you.

    Also, welcome to the forums ;)

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    wow !!
    thats what everybody needs !

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    Thanks so much for working on this, it looks great!

    Cannot reproduce my own problem with the command module. Sorry about that.
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    I can't seem to replicate this bug. Does it only happen on one type of command module, one associated with another mod pack etc.? Was the ship directly behind the window by any chance? There is a slightly bug where you can click through the window on anything behind in the building environment.

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    I hope you also plan to address the Advanced Brakes function - I found that as useful as the engineering computer!

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    That could definitely be done. It is very early works at the moment, but anything is possible. Another feature which has been mentioned is the ability to use the engineer within a flight, to show ship and orbital statistics without the need for MechJeb. Using a part that can be placed on top the command pod which a parachute can then be attached to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Einshrek View Post
    Thanks! I have not yet fully tested it, but a minor bug, when attached to the command module, every part behaved as if being the command module (clicking allowed you to move the entire craft, nothing could be deleted).

    Thanks so much for working on this, it looks great!
    I've encountered this glitch before in situations completely unrelated to this mod, but just to clarify that it's not a problem with this mod you should fumble around with the shift key a bit to get things working again. Shift+clicking the entire craft, moving it, then placing it again should reset whatever causes the jam.
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    Wait a minute, Nova's administering a Rorschach test! He's an undercover psychologist!

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    Why don't you use the original Engineer model, I bet neither jhulthgre nor the designer Evolution have problems with it being used, as long as you mention the original.

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    I made this
    [Spoiler: image]
    Has a low and highres texture in the texture folder, lowres is standard.
    All this needs is the plugin from the official download.

    I also sent this to cybutek.

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