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Thread: MechJeb No Worky!

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    Hi all, im not sure if this will help but i was having major problems for days with mechjeb in both 0.20 and 0.21. After many many hours i found the culprit myself. Now it may not be exactly the same problem but could be a lead in the right direction. I used to have the control part to attach to ship but no menu tabs ever appeared. This is a copy of my post from a different thread that worked for me.

    Ok, problem solved. Here is what i did. After days of messing around with this thing i finally found the culprit. COMODO Anti Virus blocks certain applications if it does not recognise its certificates. I tried telling it that KSP can go do what it wants with no restrictions but still didnt work so i just uninstalled COMODO, Uninstalled KSP 0.20 and reinstalled KSP 0.21 with mechjeb 2.0.9 in the gamedata folder. I then gave it a test and all works perfectly. I then installed B9 parts and NovaPunch2 and tested again succesfully.

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    I also can't get MechJeb to work. I copied the Parts and Plugins folder into my Kerbal directory in Steam, but I see no evidence of any change. There are no new windows, no new crew options and no new parts. Unfortunately the manual doesn't explain any of this.

    Edit: Ah, never mind. For some reason the first time I copied the files over, it didn't put anything in the Plugins folder, only the Parts one.
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    A) Why did you reply to a august 2013 thread ?

    B) You installed it wrong. You need to unzip MJ in the Gamedata folder so you get :
     +- GameData

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