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Thread: cBBp Dragon Rider Pod/Capsule

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    cBBp Dragon Rider Pod/Capsule

    Must Use DRAGON_RIDER .Craft FOR "Built In" ENGINES AND RCS.

    An advanced Capsule that is designed to be fully re-useable, hold up to 7 crew members, and be very spacious inside. It incorporates it’s own multi fault tolerant RCS system and pusher escape engines which can be used as landing engines along with the landing gear for soft landings without the use of a parachute.

    Download here why not:

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    Pretty cool, wich size of tank does this need?

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    should fit a regular stack decoupler.

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    Downloaded. Looks very promising.

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    I cannot express in words how much I want to thank you for this. <3
    Question: My game takes like 20mins to load and I'm running a lot of backups right now, so my question is does the UI freak out with this many Kerbals in the pod?

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    Hard in control.
    Can't retract legs =(

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    Hot damn. Can't wait till you start building rockets again. Need to re-up my arsenal.
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    So the description says it needs mechjeb, but there's a flag on the download button that says it needs Electrical Energy (EE) by Kreuzung. Does it need both?

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    then you arn't doing it right.

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    Yes. mech jeb is not on kerbal net thus I cannot make it a required mod.

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