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Thread: [20.x]BobCat Ind. Release

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    [20.x]BobCat Ind. Release

    The main direction of the company, is wheeled equipment for studying and colonization of planets Kerbol system.

    Development team

    DEMV Mk 1 version 1.0 Release

    Duna Exploration Manned Vehicle (DEMV) - Heavy vehicles (6wd ATV) , for research, study of planets and their moons.
    This may be used to transport mining operations in low gravity

    Crew - 5
    weight - 4,5 t
    average payload - 9 t (1G)
    max payload -15-18 t (1G)

    Change log
    -add MuMech fixed camera in interior

    [Spoiler: More info]

    DEMV Mark 2 complex "Pretorian"

    The Mark II, a second generation rover from Bobcat Ind., has more stability, and greater capabilities due to it's modular design. We at Bobcat Ind. intend to develop several different payload packages for this very adaptable space truck.

    Cart 1.34 and mechjeb 1.9.3 required and included. (mechjeb is used for the cameras and the empty pod with crew capability)

    Please leave us comments on improvements or new payloads you would like to see.

    Crew - 2
    weight - 5 t
    average payload - 12 t (1G)
    max payload -27 t (1G)
    max speed - 80 km/h

    Change log
    -Fixed maximum speed
    -Fixed suspension
    -Fixed force fixing cargo module
    -Added horizontal attachment point for 1m units
    -Fixed some minor bugs

    [Spoiler: More info]

    DEMV Mark 4 "RAT" Pack realese

    Small and lightweight rover for exploring planet. 2 kerbals on aboard.
    Crew - 2
    weight - 4t
    average payload - not tested
    max payload - not tested
    max speed - 130km\h (1G)

    - Rover DEMV Mark 4 "RAT"
    - cargo pack
    ------ Energy module. RTG and Batteries
    ------ Liquid fuel tank
    ------ Kethane Tank (wait Kethane mod new realese)
    - Mark 4 "ION" ion engine
    - Mark 4 Liquid fuel engine

    [Spoiler: Works and test]

    DEMV D.R.O.P. realese
    unmanned De-orbit and Re-entry Operations Platform, for the safe delivery of cargo to the surface of planets. Based on BobCat ind. standart cargo conteiner form factor 4*2m
    Crew - unmanned
    weight - not tested
    average payload - 5t
    max payload - not tested
    max speed - not used

    - D.R.O.P. platform
    ------- D.R.O.P. unmanned decent control unit
    ------- Parachute system
    ------- Heavy RCS and RCS tank

    including in Mark 4 pack

    All BobCat ind product License
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    Oh my God, Oh my God!

    So beautiful!!!
    and epic

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    Awesome mod! You know that you can upload the extra images you have to the mod page on kerbalnet too - it's on the edit mod page just under the cover image is a mod site for KSP that aims to make finding and downloading mods easier for everyone.

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    Thank you for this mod Sir.

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    Looks really well done i will do some testing.
    "When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return."

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    Munar trucking here we go..

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    Err, it doesn't work

    When I get it, It simply clips through the ground
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    Hopefully when Interiors are added, we could really ride the rover.

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    Great job on this man. I have not driven it yet but it is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks. Now i have an alternative to Bigtrak or the normal cart rovers.

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