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Thread: Space Station/Moon Base Mod question

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    Space Station/Moon Base Mod question

    Hi guys,

    So I had a cool idea, that may have already been done, or might not be possible. Just figured I'd see if anyone knows of something like it.

    So my idea is to have a space station already in a geosyncronus orbit with the kerbal main station, and you could build ships at the one already in orbit, assuming that you could first get a rocket to it. (this could also just be done on the moon.)

    So it would have the same ship building system as the main base, except for one difference.

    I think it would be cool to have to ship all of the parts and fuel to the station that you want to use to build it. So you could dock ships at the station/base, and deconstruct them and add them to a parts list on the ship builder in space. You would also have to get all the fuel by taking extra off of supply rockets that you send up.

    So to build a rocket out there, you would have to send supply rockets with all the parts/fuel that you want on them, which would allow you to send lots of different rockets with parts up to the station, then build new rockets out of their parts. And you could have fuel storage there so you could store as much as you want out in space, assuming you can get it there.

    Has something like this already been done? Seems like it would be a lot of fun to have to send up every individual part that you wanted to use, and would lead to large rockets of just supplies coming off the main planet.


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    Hello and welcome to the forums!

    I think this mod may be related to what you are talking about:

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    Yes that looks great! Thanks for the quick reply, I tried searching but so hard to find specific things with how different people name things.

    Thanks again!
    Kerbal is an awesome game. Nothing else like it. Been playing it off and on for around two years now I think, and I must say it is amazing how far it has come.

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