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Thread: How do I install MechJeb properly?

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    How do I install MechJeb properly?

    So I downloaded the .zip and moved the files in it to /parts/ and /plugins/. Now when I open KSP the parts show up in the hangar, but I can only use a few of them - for the rest it says "not available in this version of KSP."

    What am I doing wrong? I'm playing a vanilla (apart from this failed install of MechJeb) version of 0.16.

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    Hi! Welcome to the forums (I say this because of first post...)!!!

    I am kinda new here too, but I have about 15 running mods or so, so maybe I can help.... Which parts are showing up as "not available"? I also have some of these so it may be good to compare.

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    Hi Oilfour, this might be caused by a write permissions problem, MechJeb needs to create MechJeb.cfg in KSP_win/PluginData/mumechlib/ and will not be able to do this if it is being blocked by Windows or an Anti-virus program.

    It's a good idea to install KSP to C:\Games and to make sure it is whitelisted by your AV, and make sure you are using the latest version available here.
    Check out the Linux compatibility thread!
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