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Thread: IVA View!

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    IVA View!

    Ok, so I know some of you Kerbonauts out there are as eager and hardcore as I am to pretty much only use IVA view... (possibly even excluding the map like myself)

    So, please, post here as to your means and methods of how you do certain things in IVA that were once much simpler without!

    I can't start off with any of my own contributions, as work and school have been keeping me too busy to really get some IVA flight time in. So as a request (and this is potentially a great one for the mathematically inclined), how can you find your Apoapsis without using map view or a mod? (Unless said mod only uses your vehicle's velocity and attitude and/or altitude to figure it out). I've been googling like crazy to try and find a formula that I can use to calculate my Apoapsis just from knowing my speed, altitude, angle of attack, Kerbin's gravity, etc, to no avail.

    I'm sure I'd be capable of doing a Mun landing eventually, after using a calculator to find the required velocities and such for injection burns and what-not, but this one hurdle is currently stopping me. I also don't want to just launch and get to some random altitude and then get into a circular orbit =P

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    a map view monitor would be an amazing addition, it would mean potentially you could do most of a flight without leaving the IVA

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    I'd honestly be fine with just Ap and Pe shown in the cockpit somehow, then I wouldn't feel bad because it wouldn't be a mod XD I just don't want to use a mod that automatically takes the game's data for Ap & Pe and shows it to me, that just feels a bit cheaty. I want to find out my Apoapsis via mathematical means or something similar =P

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