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Thread: How control camera in IVA?

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    How control camera in IVA?

    Today i finally get my hand on KSP 0,17 for which I've been waiting so long

    I wanted to test IVA, but when i activated it i noticed that camera is located under the kerbonauts, i wanted to knew did is able to control camera during IVAs.
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    You can press the IVA button next to the specific kerbal picture you want to take control of. Arrow keys can control the camera angle, as well as right clicking and moving the mouse. You can scroll to zoom in and out. You can drag the throttle to use it, and the little button next to the speed readout changes the mode.

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    Is there a good way to get out of IVA? I wind up hitting escape to get my mouse back and then putting it over the Kerbals' images so that it's in place when I go back into the game.

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    C toggles IVA camera

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    U use [C] button to jump between IVA/ExternalCam, also you had 2x quick magnification under middle mouse button (scroll button) and camera reset when you double click middle button or press [Backspace].
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