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Thread: Kethane help

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    Kethane help

    I would like to use kethane addon by MMI, but i have no idea on the most efficient placing on a space ship, since it is hard to make it symmetrical, and would surely unbalance my rocket. Any tip on the placing and efficient use?

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    There are a lot of different components in the Kethane mod. What, specifically, are you trying to do?

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    I am trying to build a rocket that can fly on missions, and when needed, land and refuel with kethane and continue on it mission, with an ability to convert the kethane to fuel.

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    Also, when i was testing the mod, the detector does not seem to be detecting and kethane. Is the mod compatible with KSP 0.17?

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    It sounds like you might be concerning yourself overmuch with symmetry. Even a 1m SAS module can deal with inconsistencies (like slapping a single driller on on side of a tank, a scanner on the other, maybe some other doflicky higher up and on the side). As long as you have enough control authority (and some decent foresight), you can make an asymmetrical launch vehicle work. Just look at the shuttle.

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    Is there a way to scan Automatically? I have a **** with mechjeb attached orbiting the mun at 8000m scanning but all I get is a tiny line to scan the entire mun would take days. Also say I do find kethane, how do I then interpret the map to know where it is so I can land there? This is stuff the page never detailed.

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    I tried the asymmetrical launch and i managed to make it to the mun without incident, but the mapping was a bit of a problem. I have no idea how to read the map. I think it may not be compatible with KSP 0.17

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    Kethane is indeed compatible with 0.17. The map is something that I think will be worked on. The guys developing Kethane mentioned that while kethane might not be any more abundant than it already is, options for detection may be expanded.

    When it comes to finding the stuff, the scanner will beep audibly (unless you disable said beeping) when it is over a deposit, and mark that location as last known longitude and latitude in the window. You can use this to land a mining base in the area, and perhaps a few rovers to scan in a more detailed grid or radial pattern on the surface, to get a better idea of the size of the deposit.

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    How i used the map is get a detector satellite in orbit and Mechjeb circle the mun until it beeps then place an Autoland marker with mechjeb wherever your satellite is above. And send a miner lander there. Or set up a cart/RCS boosted vehicle that can drive along the surface with a detector and has all the mining capabilities.

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    You don't really need a completely filled in map. The kethane deposits are pretty big, and you can land on any part of one and drain the whole thing. What I usually do is put a satellite into an orbit inclined 50-60 degrees (I usually don't bother with kethane at higher latitudes than that, since you use so much fuel getting there and back), and let it run for a while. It won't fill in a solid map, but it's plenty obvious where stuff is.

    Once you have enough of a map, go to the kethane folder in the plugin data directory, and copy the appropriate image file somewhere. Open it in GIMP or Photoshop or something. Flip it top to bottom, then scale it to 360w x 180h, and you can get your coords from that.

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