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Thread: [0.19] Multiversal Mechatronics - LaunchPad/Runway Obliterator - 1.2

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    [0.19] Multiversal Mechatronics - LaunchPad/Runway Obliterator - 1.2

    What always happens when you are designing a really big rocket? Yes, all looks well and good, then you go to launch it and BOOM, it collides with the LaunchPad and explodes. Not anymore!

    You just need to extract the part and plugin into KSP folder, no need to add the part to the craft or anything.

    Bonus: Move the Obliterator part to the VAB/SPH construction area, and it will obliterate the VAB/SPH interior and scroll limits, build as large as you want!

    Download here: Launchpad Runway
    Source code available here, GPL license
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    thank you, thank you, and thank you!

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    Oh dear, insane rockets incoming.
    I dare somebody for a rocket that reaches 20,000M.
    Vet of KSP, hi.

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    Currently 30,000KM up.... and accellerating fast!
    Awesome. I can build my stupidly large space stations now!

    Oh, before I forget....



    Damnit. Well, Thirds still good!

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    Whoah what, r4m0n has come out with a new part, launch pad obliverator? YES!
    Awesome gif by TheFighterC4:

    Kerbal Zombies V2. -NEW-
    Dangers of Hyperedit: Kraken comes to dinner.
    Special Delivery!

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    wait wait wait, you mean to tell me that I can make SPACE TOWERS now?

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    Thank you! This is what I exactly needed.

    [Spoiler: tall ship]
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    *hnrrgh* in my pants

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    I predict r4m0n to be the next one hired to the dev team

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    Great Mod,finally i can built the rocket of my dreams only to crash it into the ground a few secs later
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