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Thread: Interstellar Mission

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    Interstellar Mission

    Try to get the farthest away from the sun (Note,I am very new to this forum,so..yeah.),Use any mo[)s,except for the ones that break the game,aka,warp mo[)s or whatever. ( My [) key is broken.)

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    i traveled very very very very far. and even lost the location of the sun since it changes to a tiny point. I also reached light speed. but all that was by changing the CFG. (means cheating).
    I did that because I wanted to see if I can reach the limit of KSP space. It seems it has no limit.
    I wish if we can visit another star and land on its planet. or even visit a nebula!

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    All you have to do is get to sun escape velocity and wait as long as you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wrestlingforme View Post
    ( My [) key is broken.)
    If your D key is broken, how on Kerbin do you ever do anything but NASCAR race around the Solar System?

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    He might have changed the key setup to avoid d, or perhaps uses a joystick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDarkStar
    All you have to do is get to sun escape velocity and wait as long as you want.
    Currently in the game, Kerbol's SOI (Gravity field) is infinate. Basically, the Sun doesnt have an escape velocity.

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    The KSP Sun has an escape velocity. Escape velocity is the minimum speed, for a particular distance from an object, that a second object would have to be traveling at so that, regardless of how long gravitational force has to act upon it, gravity can never force it to have a maximum separation distance. It's the velocity that matches up with a specific orbital energy value of 0 m^2/s^2 for that altitude.

    It has nothing to do with spheres of influence.
    Unless otherwise specified, all units of time in the above post are Earthly ones.

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