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Thread: part clipping

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    part clipping

    In the debug menu,there is a option to allow part clipping in editors.
    My question is,what is it?What does this option allow me to do?

    thank you

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    That option should stop KSP checking if parts are severely overlapping in the VAB and SPH, allowing for more convoluted designs, though I have not really experimented much with it

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    By default, when building a plane/rocket, KSP does not allow you to place a part if it's intersecting ("clipping") another part. It's not a perfect system, with some ways to trick it to allow intersecting parts, and more annoyingly, sometimes it thinks parts are intersecting when they really should be allowed.

    That "cheat" option can be used as a temporary fix for those problems (eg. trying to place a tail section on the side of a fuel tank is incorrectly difficult, and so is trying to attach an Aerospike engine, sometimes). It can also be used to make cool-looking ships by overlapping parts for a sculpted look.

    Be careful, because if a section is decoupled in flight, it will suddenly be checked for collisions with other separate chunks of craft, which may lead to explosions and fragmentation.

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