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Thread: Help! How do i make a good spaceship?

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    Talking Help! How do i make a good spaceship?

    Hello. New to these forums. Just got KSP 0.17 after playing the demo. I need help. I'm a little confused. There is a lot of stuff. Also, it's really hard to make a good spaceship! I usually just put a few fuel tanks and a few liquid thrusters on them and that's it. Could you help me make a way better one? Thanks.

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    What sort of trouble are you having?

    A basic rocket needs a capsule, a fuel tank, and an engine, and that's all, though it won't go very far, and the pilot won't survive the trip.

    To keep the pilot alive, put a decoupler under the capsule and a parachute on top of the capsule. When it runs out gas, hit the spacebar twice.

    To make it go farther, add tanks and engines. When it gets too big to fly straight, add guidance devices.

    When it gets so big that it's too slow to fly well, start putting decouplers between the parts so you can throw away bits you don't need anymore.

    Repeat these steps until you get to the Mun.

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    Welcome to the forums hellothere231 (Hello).

    You can take a look at some of the pictures of rocket in the Spacecraft Exchange and base your rocket designs on that (I don't mean copying them part for part, just to get an general idea).

    Have fun playing KSP and go blow up some rockets!
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    Rockets that look like they might work in real life generally work in ksp. Another trick is not to have fuel tanks in stacks of more than 2, insted have them attached to the side with decouplers so u can get rid of the extera weight.
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    Hi hellothere231, welcome to the community

    Making a good ship is not too hard when you realize that you don't have to make a monster rocket with every part in the game, keeping the total weight down helps a lot.

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