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    im sorry for opening yet another thread , but currently im really frustrated with the Mun , this time i just spinned on my 8 landing legs at 30 m/s , and when the command pod touched with these 30 m/s the ground it exploded, after which all other parts exploded aswell... anyone to give me a hint (i dont really need help with the orbiting method, i just go straight up and wait for a mun intercept (i dont really care if its going to slide 10-20km just to get to the mun, if it does )?

    PS: my rocket : Chute
    Mk 1 Command Pod
    Brand Adapter
    Rockomax X-200-32 (radially mounted 8 landing legs , and 8 LV-45Ts each with 800l fuel)

    Brand Decoupler
    X-200-32 (radially mounted 8 LV-30Ts with 800l fuel each)

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    30 m/s is too fast.
    Single digits at least. I aim for sub 1 m/s
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    Yeah, that's over 3 times the maximum safe contact speed, but also, it sounds like your lander is REALLY heavy: so heavy that it's gonna go squish at even lower speeds than that. You'll find that while it takes a really big rocket to get off of Kerbin, a little bitty one is enough to get back from Mun because you're not fighitng atmosphere and heavy gravity on the up, and Kerbin's atmosphere actually helps you on the way down.

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    Yep, think Apollo. Whacking great roman candle to get to the moon, tiny little firecracker to actually land and return. You used to be able to return from the mun's surface just using the little control jets, but I'm not sure that's still possible.

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    hmm,so additional orbital stage with the atomic rocket ? oh ,Mk 1 command pod, or Mk-1-2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dimovski View Post
    hmm,so additional orbital stage with the atomic rocket ? oh ,Mk 1 command pod, or Mk-1-2?
    Doesn't really matter much, even with the heavier command pod you only need a couple of 400L tanks and the little 909 engine to get back to kerbin.

    Your lander is much heavier than it needs to be but it's nowhere near heavy enough to cause landing problems, the problem is the speed.

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    If you want an example of a Mun capable rocker

    [Spoiler: here it is]

    i use one seat landers for this one. Each one is made of mk1 pod, parachute, LV-909, half-tank, and 3 legs. Each one can land, take off AND return to Kerbin. With fuel to spare.

    As for your methods, well I believe they need a bit of refining. Try getting into a parking orbit first. I find it helpful to also have a dedicated Trans-Munar Intercept (TMI) stage.

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    holy ***** , and this works ? :O :O
    wow, if i knew how great that LV-909 is... WOW... so ,now im orbiting the mun with 500 m/s ,Ap 14,000 m (not km, meters), Pe is 12,000 and with 250l fuel left, hmm... will try to figure out what to do now (no fun having it said , to me atleast )
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    The LV-909 is an average engine but the reason to use it is the weight. When you've got 0.8 tons of pod and 1.125 tons of fuel the difference in the range you get from a 0.5 ton engine and a 1.5 ton engine is massive.

    AmpsterMan's ship is a good example of a medium sized Mun lander but smaller is definitely possible. In fact the limiting factor is not the amount of fuel but the large individual parts - fuel tanks half or a quarter of the size of the current smallest tank would let you drive the weight down further.
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    Just shorten up your lander a little bit. Instead of the X32 fuel tank, make it an X16. Drop the radial mounted engines.

    [Spoiler: Looks Like This]

    The interesting thing is the T:W is high enough to practice taking off and landing on Kerbin. Try it out. Just turn on the ASAS, and liftoff higher than the launch tower, then try to land safely. Turn on the fuel cheat too (since it's just practice) and keep trying it higher and higher. A general rule of thumb is never land faster than 10m/s. You ideally want to get it down to 1m/s just before you land.

    That lander in the photo has about 3200m/s of delta-v. That is actually enough fuel to do the TMI, land, and return to Kerbin if you practice your landings so you don't waste too much fuel. You can gain another 200m/s of delta-v if you drop the legs down to just 3, which is fine for landing on the Mun. Or, you can change the poodle out for the Lv909 engine. The poodle has a lot of thrust and gives this craft a T:W of like 9 when on the Mun. The Lv909 would give it about a 2.5-2.6 thrust to weight ratio on the Mun but it would up the Delta-V to around 4500. That is a godly amount of fuel for landing on the Mun or Minmus.
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