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Thread: [0.21] Hooligan Labs - Airship, Submarines and More

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    [0.21] Hooligan Labs - Airship, Submarines and More

    Development by Hooligan Labs of KSP Mods has been discontinued. See the end of this post for more details.

    Begun the transfer to the wiki! Click here to read and contribute!

    New Submarine FAQ!

    What are Airships to Other Planets?

    How? Like this!

    Want to see the new, largest deployable envelope yet?

    See my rant about everything that went into it here!

    With the latest update, each individual envelop can have its buoyancy set independently, allowing for better blimp controls! You can access this by right-clicking the airship or binding action keys.

    Download the Airship mod here!

    Now with revamped airships to work with the latest KAS mod. And anchors are back!

    More airship re-entries.

    Colonizing Jool!

    View the whole video channel here for more instructions and adventure!

    So returns user action shots!
    RoboRay's Airship / Rover to Laythe

    Richy teh space man's Eve SSTO!

    The Second Duna Expedition... and bungee jumping station, which is the proper way to exit an airship! Check out the image album, it has much better shots of this electric/rocket self-refueling exploration craft.

    Other mods!
    Submarines! Stable enough to to be considered released.

    A variety of launch platforms.

    Compatible with the Extraplanetary Launchpads mod, for launching new ships from anywhere!

    Party Starter! Instantly fill your ship with kerbonauts before launch! I highly recommend this for colonizing efforts.
    Updated for easy installation in 0.20, just drag the folder in. For some reason it's darker than before.

    SQUID Paramagnetic System! Applies a force between objects in contact. Many uses, including easier landing on low gravity worlds. Now supports action key bindings, as requested.
    Works great in 0.20!

    While Hooligan Labs will no longer be working on KSP mods, we strongly encourage you to copy and expand upon the models and code. All Hooligan Labs KSP mods are shared according to the MIT License. You can do anything with the mod and its source code except hold Hooligan Labs liable. The Hooligan Labs logo is copyright 2013, but may continue to be used in KSP because KSP is awesome.
    Last edited by Hooligan Labs; 4th October 2013 at 20:16. Reason: Discontinued

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    shoulnt this tread be in addon development instead of addon release and showcase?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjitte View Post
    shoulnt this tread be in addon development instead of addon release and showcase?
    use grammar!

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    Agreeing with tjitte.
    Also, there's not much to make a comment on with no explanation here. What is it, exactly?

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    He made Hot air balloon tanks to take your craft high in the air before you start to use fuel. Me thinks..

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    This 'could' be used to keep Kethane scoops in a fixed orbit inside an atmosphere.
    I wonder if it will hold something at a fixed height.

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    Maybe handy for Jool or Moho missions?

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    Thanks for the feedback! I am working on balloons, though they would be filled with helium. One of my targets for plugin development is automatic altitude control. So, what is kethane?

    Also, sounds like I should move this thread when I can.

    Last edited by Hooligan Labs; 12th October 2012 at 13:06.

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    you my good sir need a cookie the size of texas! i love this mod one complant THE BIGGEST BALLOON EVEN WITH LANCHPAD/ RUNWAY OBLITER IS TOO BIG jeb is hateing me for saying that. here are my pics of playing with this for the past ten minites.
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Rest in peace Neil Armstrong. You were a true hero. You will live forever in our hearts.

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