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Thread: Kethane Pack 0.9.2 - New cinematic trailer! - 1.0 compatibility update

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    Kethane Pack 0.9.2 - New cinematic trailer! - 1.0 compatibility update

    The Kethane Pack is maintained and distributed here and on KSP Modders. If you have bug reports, questions or feature suggestions, please post them to the Github issue tracker for the project and follow the bug reporting guidelines.

    The Kethane Pack was originally developed by Dani-Sang (concept, models, textures and animations) and Kulesz (plugin). Majiir (that's me) is now managing the project. Keptin created the parts introduced after version 0.1.


    Download Kethane 0.9.2
    Last updated October 7, 2014 (KSP 0.25.0) (release notes)
    Download patch for 1.0 compatability (unzip on top of 0.9.2)
    License - Kethane Source - Grid Source - Old versions


    Kethane Wiki

    See the wiki for frequently asked questions, version history, part details and more.


    Have a problem? Read the bug reporting guidelines first!

    Problem with fuel routing? There's a thread for that.


    Live Development Streams

    2013-06-25 - Majiir works on tweaking particle effects until Kethane creator Dani-Sang makes a surprise visit.


    Please note that donations go to Majiir and not any other participant in the Kethane project.
    I will buy things that make me personally happy, like good coffee beans and k-pop socks.
    Remember: a programmer is a tool for converting caffeine into code.


    Kethane 0.9.2 Trailer (by Charles Rogers/Umbongo Time)

    Kethane 0.4.1 Trailer (by Keptin)

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    Any differences between this version and beta 0.1?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Temstar View Post
    Any differences between this version and beta 0.1?
    Yes. I've added a change log to the first post.

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    Thank you Thank you... if we can now replenish empty fuel tanks with Kethane this is a god send.

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    work in 0.17 planet and moons?

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    I'm gonna test the new moons/planets soon.
    I think someone needs to sticky this thread this mod is way to important!
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    Thq for taking it over m8!
    PLEASE check out Known Issues & Fixes before you post your problem on the thread of MMI.
    Neither do PM me about your problem, I will ignore it. You will not get a special treatment that over others!

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    Is the air filter for jool still in the up coming parts?

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    Majiir, are you doing the texturing and the coding?

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    So this means that the mod will develop at a faster pace? There is also a typo in the what is kethane.

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