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Thread: L4D car in KSP - with interior models!

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    L4D car in KSP - with interior models!

    Just experimenting around, I downloaded the best car model I could find that I thought would be easy to modify and work with in the game that I liked.

    It just so happened I found a model of a car used in the scenery on the Left4Dead games published by Steam, and so I worked with that.

    Heres an inside view, to start you all off :

    Seating for 5!

    Now for the obvious thing - this model is from the Left4Dead series games. I did get it off a free models site, but that doesn't neccesarily mean I have permission to use this model. So really use this mod at your own discression. The internals do lack polish, but then polishing something I didn't make entirely or even have permission to use, seemed a bit daft.

    Still, I figured there were definately good uses for it. By seating 5, two things happen. First, the 4th and 5th portraits glitch and overlap on top of the MET thing up the top left. oops. But also it means you can fill up a crew tank in one go, with a vehicle that can take itself there made of only 2 parts.
    Its also a pretty good laugh if you stuff a rocket on the back.

    Anyway, you can download it here :

    Requires Tosh's cart mod, which is included in the plugins folder of the .zip file.

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    LOL, how cool is that. Nice and Kerbal.
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    Hahahah I love that it's still got all the space craft instrumentation on the dash! Jeb style!

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    I'm thinking of turning KSC into area 51. FBI and military cars everywhere with tosh's laser on top, the perfect speedy defense for ksc. Good for building cities also, time to construct a building and move it!

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    Off topic: Howd you do that? Id like to do somthing similar.
    On topic: Wow, that looks awsome!
    Awesome gif by TheFighterC4:

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    Wait, so almost any model can be turned into a KSC cart?
    *Evil grin appears on face*
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    This is awesome. Downloading and landing on Duna immediately.

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    Im so evil

    [Spoiler: PICS yo]
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    O.o I love it! That's an awesome interior, too! Can you EVA from it?
    Quote Originally Posted by Red Iron Crown View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by MaverickSawyer View Post
    O.o I love it! That's an awesome interior, too! Can you EVA from it?
    you bet you can

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