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Thread: Firespitter propeller plane and helicopter parts v7.1 (May 5th) for KSP 1.0

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    Firespitter propeller plane and helicopter parts v7.1 (May 5th) for KSP 1.0

    Mod and plugin download, from
    Download from Kerbal Stuff

    Public change log and todo-list
    Plugin source code
    Oblong standard part meshes for modellers

    Confused? Check the Firespitter parts guide

    The biplane Update!

    -KSP 1.0 Compatability
    -Some issues remain with the parts

    -Plugin update for compatibility with various mods like B9
    -Some minor fixes to prices in cfg
    -Removed unneeded pngs, and optimized others.


    -KSP 0.24 Compatibility.
    -Lots of plugin features for upcoming version 7, and features used in other mods like B9


    -Oblong round noses, short and long
    -Oblong to 0.625m adapter
    -Helicopter landing pads by Justin Kerbice
    -Warning message on the Main Menu if you are using an incompatible KSP version
    -W.I.P. turboprop engine. This will see changes to performance, sound and looks

    -FSengineSounds: Implemented disengage, running, flameout sounds, fixed bugs.
    -FSwing: Made leading edge action name cfg editable for use in extending flaps etc.
    -FSwheel: supports altering retract animation speed in cfg
    -FSslowtato: key/action group based rotator module
    -FSmeshSwitch: swap meshes instead of textures for better memory conservation


    -Landing gear tires bump, screech and smoke when touching down, and have rolling and retract sounds.
    -Overhauled the Water launch system. Save your current position to re-use in new vessels. Launch anywhere on Kerbin! More reliable coordinate saving.
    -Scaled f-86 wing lift back to 72%, which should be around the realistic lift amount (still more than stock lift)
    -Subtle braking sound.
    -Fixed some old tail gear scaling and floating point error rendering issues (Scale has changed a little bit)
    -Support for part effects (sounds etc) in the animation module.


    -Fixed some FAR Values. Included two example craft re-tweaked for FAR.
    -A surprise


    -FAR values added to biplane wings and F-86 wings (FAR is optional as always!)
    -CoM indicator bug fixed, replace engines on existing craft for a fix. (Removed 0/0 electric resource node from engines)
    -Some wings have had module changes, which will reset the texture selection. For craft already in flight, you can EVA a Kerbal an Repaint the part.
    -All example craft renamed with the prefix FS to make them easier to find
    -Guide PDF updated
    -Added Normal map (etc) switching support to FStextureSwitch


    -Biplanes! Make you own WWI planes with these new parts. Be an Ace or a Twenty-Minuter!
    This is a whole matching part set with alternate switchable textures on each part.

    -New custom lift and wing code that is more realistic and more customizable.

    -Custom lift is used in the biplane parts and the F-86 wings. (The legacy F-86 wings are included as a zip in the Parts/Aero folder)

    -Auto deploying leading edge slats, and flaps on the F-86 wings.

    -KSP 0.23 Compatibility with tweakables. Fewer silly popups, more nice tweaks.

    -Action Group to increase/decrease hover height in heli/VTOL rotors.
    -Wheels have less sideways friction for safer take offs and landings.
    -Wheel motor reversing bug fix.
    -FSwheel friction override bug fixed.

    Note that FAR compatibility for the new wings is not done yet

    -Removed error message spam on bi-plane wheels

    -Added science storage and crew report to the cockpits

    -KSP 0.22 compatibility

    -Avro Lancaster Engines. Surface mounted big engines, one variant with internal landing gear, one without.
    -All parts have been assigned a science node (costs have not been set)

    Useful tweaks:
    -FAR fix: if FAR is present, the control surface range module is disabled to fix incompatibility.
    -Turned Allow Surface Attach on for tail control surfaces.
    -The bomber cockpit is now less indestructible. (Fixed collider order)
    -The bomber wings have proper collision detection
    -Wheel and engine settings in the SPH now affect the whole symmetry group.
    -VTOL steering can be toggled on and off with an action group (without affecting the steering setup)

    Minor tweaks you don’t care about:
    -Tweaks to the default rotation code in multi axis engine and part turner.
    -atmospheric nerf can be disabled to allow for vacuum operations (the module itself is still required on relevant parts)
    -FSwheel: suspension overrides can have negative values if overrideModelSpringValues = True
    -FSwheel: disable collider at a given time during retraction.
    -VTOL steering supports models with inverted transforms through invertSteering = True


    -F-86 fighter jet wing with deployable leading edge for increased lift+drag
    -F-86 tail control surfaces (elevators and rudder)
    -Folding electric plane propeller
    -Greatly reduced the weight of the landing gear. (Check the balance of your craft)
    -Updated gyroscope and nose SAS to use the new SAS module. Converted cockpits to the new reaction wheel system. (very weak reaction wheels) (thanks to PolecatEZ for some input)
    -Added brake lights to some gears
    -Trim tool displays current trim
    -Water Launch Module: On slower machines, try setting a longer timer setting if you are put back to the runway at lunch. Edit the line timer = 4.0 to a higher value (seconds). (Parts\Utility\FS_moveCraftGadget\part.cfg)

    KSP 0.21 compatibility update

    - New landing gear functionality: motor, roll retracted, friction overrides, etc.
    - VTOL steering (pitch and yaw through engine rotation, roll through thrust variation)
    - Texture switcher module. Switch textures in the hangar for parts (Currently only implemented on Bomber nose art)
    - New float code to combat the new KSP versions inability to float things.
    - Updated Water Launch module to work with the new KSP version.
    - Updated FAR values on the wings. Might allow for less bugginess. You still need to delete the FSwingletRangeAdjustment module in each wing cfg for full control though. (Thanks BubbaWillikins)
    - Support for arrays of values in cfg files through FSnodeLoader


    Legacy download for KSP 0.19.1


    1920x1200 / 1920x1080

    1920x1200 / 1920x1080

    Check out Scott Manleys video on installing mods
    Make sure you put the Firespitter files in the GameData folder the way it is presented in the zip file. This mod relies on many assets that have to be in the right folder, like sounds and textures. If you get creative with the file and folder names, stuff will break!

    Q: I have no engine sounds, but the propellers spin
    A: You placed the folder in the wrong place or renamed it.

    Q: The propellers don't spin, but they provide thrust
    A: You somehow installed without the dll file, so only stock code is running.

    Q: I get sent to outer space when I launch a plane with an electrical engine
    A: You are using and old version KSP Interstellar or some other mod that is conflicting with my code.
    Firespitter code does not interfere with anything outside its own parts, so the fault here is usually with the other mod reaching into all parts and doing crazy stuff.

    Q: Everything is broken and I am sad
    A: Make sure you use the latest version of KSP and Firespitter. Do not post support questions on the spaceport, no one reads it. Use the forum if installing correctly didn't work. Keep in mind that lots of people are using the mod successfully, so unless it's a new bug introduced in the latest FS version, you probably messed up the install.

    You may reuse code and textures from this mod, as long as you give credit in the download file and on the download post/page. Reuse of models with permission. No reselling. No redistribution of the whole pack without permission.
    UV map texture guides are included so you can re-skin to your liking.

    For reuse of the plugin, please either direct people to download the dll from my official release, OR recompile the wanted partmodule/class with a new class name to avoid conflicts.
    For modders re-using the dll directly, you MUST place it in the Firespitter folder in your zip file, so people don't end up with two copies of the dll.
    The right path is: [KSP_OS]\GameData\Firespitter\Plugins\
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    Wow, we lost the one thread I continually watch, greaaat

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    I think the electric propeller part consume too much energy
    It is hard to recharge during the flight

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    Quote Originally Posted by royying View Post
    I think the electric propeller part consume too much energy
    It is hard to recharge during the flight
    I tried a couple of different settings, and I landed on this, so it wouldn't be a free ride. If you either smack a lot of solar panels on it, or land every now and then. a light plane with panels on the wings can go forever in the sun.
    A helicopter, less so.

    It's not possible in my mind to find a place where it's both realistic (very efficient), and balanced with the other stock parts, so I went for balance.

    That being said, it's very easy to modify this on your own.
    Open the file part.cfg in the parts folder (e.g. d:\games\KSP\parts\FS_copterRotorMainElectric\ or \parts\FS_propengineElectric\)
    edit the lines:

    		key = 0 3000
    		key = 1 3000
    to for instance

    		key = 0 9000
    		key = 1 9000
    This will triple your efficiency. I don't hold the universal truth on these matters, I only go according to my tastes, so if you feel it is wrong, it's just fair to make it seem realistic to you.
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    Pictures incoming, so great plane parts and plugin

    I also started some ww1 plane modelling hehe cheers,

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    Yes!, THank you so much!

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    The new version has been uploaded to Space Port. Added a new video to the first post.

    The only changes since yesterdays pre-release is a nose mounted ASAS unit for the Apache, some IVA tweaks, and new sounds for the Mustangs 0.5m propeller.
    But it's the first full release in a long time, so I'm happy, and a little nervous that I broke something

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    Oh, and BTW

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    Hey Snjo, I've got a bug. I'm playing on a mac with the newest release, and there's no sound from any of your engines whatsoever. Solutions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zack2014 View Post
    Hey Snjo, I've got a bug. I'm playing on a mac with the newest release, and there's no sound from any of your engines whatsoever. Solutions?
    I've had several reports of this problem on mac. I assume there's some incompatibility with either the sound codecs, or the way mac handles folder names. Since the folder name issue has now been resolved on linux, I'm mostly thjinking macs can't play these wav files.

    Since I don't have a mac, I can't test it, but you could do me a favor.
    I made a variant of the mustang engine which uses an ogg file instead of wav, If you slap it on a craft and see if it makes a sound, I can switch to ogg files if you are successful.

    If it works it should make an engine sound while running, but no coughing startup sound.

    Download (This just contains the new sound and the .5m red nose mounted propeller engine)

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