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Thread: (.23) [FASA -3.86] -Saturn V Beta 04-06-2014

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    Smile (.23) [FASA -3.86] -Saturn V Beta 04-06-2014

    Frizzank Aeronautical Space Administration presents - Gemini & Mercury.

    These are Kerbal versions of NASA rockets, not NASA replicas. Replicas are not the direction I want to go with FASA. I want to keep it fun, simple, easy, and have it be a somewhat stock like in appearance.

    Spaceport link for release version-\/-

    If this doesn't work use the download mirror below.\/
    Stable version Download Mirror

    BETA - This is a test for Saturn V, parts are unfinished but do function. It is a feature test while I work on the art you can tell me if you like how it flies.

    4.00 Added Saturn V rocket parts,
    	F1 LFE
    	F1 5x engine plate
    	F1 Engine fairings
    	5m Large fuel tank
    	5m Medium fuel tank
    	J2 5x engine plate
    	3.75m to 5m decoupler
    	5m Decoupler
    	Adjusted the attach nodes on the umbilical towers to be more centred and closer to the rocket.
    	Turned down Gimble on SRB's
    	Made H1 Gimble be the engine nozzle and not the thrust transform like its suppose to.
    	Turned down the drag on all the parachutes made them deploy slower.
    	Fixed stack symmetry on s1b plate, gave it some fuel and moved it to propulsion with the other plates.

    Want to help me out, Donate!
    Donating is not an obligation, it's a gift of appreciation for me and all the hard work that I put into this mod. So if you would like to help me out I would appreciate it greatly.

    Legal - Donating does not entitle you to any goods or services from me or this mod and all funds go directly to me through paypal to be used at my discretion.

    Just want the launch clamps
    and none of the fluff here ya go!

    This version of FASA is significantly larger and will consume more memory than the last. You should turn DOWN your texture resolution in KSP. You have been warned....

    You MUST delete the old version of FASA in your game data folder. BEFORE installing this one.
    I also moved the stock craft in FASA to it's own save game. I didn't like forcing stock craft on people.
    Before posting crash bugs you must install FASA (ALL OF IT) and only FASA on a clean install of KSP. I am not responsible for incompatibility with other mods or FASA breaking because you deleted part folders, but I will try and help.

    If you already have Raster prop monitor or the reflection shader this will override it as they are included in the mod.

    Install Instructions

    All mods reside in their own folder under "GameData" in the main KSP directory.

    Delete the old version of FASA before installing.

    The parts folder in the main KSP directory should not have any FASA parts in it. It is no longer used in .20 and beyond.

    If your upgrading from before .20 your craft and saves will no longer work correctly.

    Steam install is here.
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData

    The "Squad" folder is the stock parts that come with KSP, any other folder you add is a mod. To remove the mod just delete the FASA folder.

    If there are any parts you wish to delete from FASA open up the mod folder and delete any folders you dont like, or want. I do this a lot with mods I download. It keeps loading times low and filters out the parts I never use.

    If your upgrading to a new version "You Must" delete the old version of FASA before installing newer versions!

    Having older version parts and not deleting them will give you duplicate parts.

    Something went wrong and FASA broke KSP, HELP!!!
    Do this first before asking for help....

    Do this first- this helps with memory problems.
    Delete the FASA mod. Run KSP again.
    From the main menu, click on settings and then Graphics at the top.
    Change your "Texture Quality:" to the Eighth Res option.
    Click apply then exit KSP
    Re-install FASA and try running KSP again.

    If nothing is working or some parts are missing, something is seriously broken with KSP

    Start with a fresh instal of KSP. If you like you can copy the previous install somewhere else as a backup first.

    If your using steam, right click on the name in the library and click delete local files.
    Navigate to the steam game directory and verify that the Kerbal space program folder is gone. If it is still there delete it!
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\
    After its done double click the Kerbal Space Program name in your list of games and select install.

    If its a regular version of KSP. Delete KSP and then re-install it.

    You should now have a CLEAN version of stock KSP.
    Open the file
    Copy all of its content into your main KSP directory. If you put it in the correct spot you should get a confirmation popup asking if you want to overwrite the folders and files. Say YES overwrite all folders and
    You should have a clean version of KSP and FASA only.

    Run KSP and see if it works.
    If it still crashes on load, verify that you have enough free memory to run KSP with mods.
    If you have less than 2gb of RAM you are going to need to upgrade your system or install fewer parts.

    Important Info

    For me it's a game, not a museum. Fun and aesthetics are far more important than realism and accuracy. Please be aware of this before posting inconsistencies with real life.
    Also read this...

    Mercury Redstone is intentionally sub-orbital.

    IVA's take much longer to do than regular parts. Please be patient with the development of IVA's

    Pro tips...
    1. If your using boosters disable the gimble on them. It will make your rockets wobble less.
    2. You can rotate the launch clamps up and down so you can place more than one on the same side.
    3. For more fairings I recommend the Procedural Fairings mod for fairings its awesome...
    4. USE STRUTS!
    What's Next?

    Stage 1 -In Progress
    Saturn 1B - 203 version- H1 engines and J2 engines as well as fuel tanks(3.75m), decouplers and fairings.

    Stage 2 -Next
    Saturn V rocket parts, the Apollo 11 version- F1 engines, fuel tanks(5m), decouplers, fairings, CSM, and lunar lander (done by DennyTx).

    FASA uses The Reflection plugin Mod

    Whats with the sandwich?
    The Case of the Contraband Corned Beef Sandwich

    Change Log
    	Moved craft files into their own save file directory, I didn't like pushing craft files into stock.
    	Added scale temporary models of LFT CSM and Engine. Needed them to make the Fairings the correct size and finishing balance on J2
    	Finally fixed the Control from here bug on the Big G docking port. Now orientated correctly.
    	Added science to Big G Docking, thanks to ParasiteX
    	Made the LEM EVA without opening the door. It was impossible to board an empty LEM with the door closed....
    	Fixed Missing RCS thrust in Gemini
    	Made the Angled fairings taller so every one could fit inside.
    	Increased the explosive force of the Fairings to get out of your way a bit better.
    	Fixed white mercury window
    	Moved LEM decoupler to Structural
    	Balanced the RCS thrusters on Gemini pods.
    	Added Apollo Inst Unit, acts as a probe core. Maybe add some science to it later?
    	Shrank the APS 64%
    	Rotated the J2 fuel tank so KSP faced the correct direction
    	Fixed center of mass on LEM ascent module craft file, no more random spinning. The ladder leg and the un-ladder leg have different centers of mass.
    	Added Proper LEM Structural ring, Should now let the flower unfold.
    	Added Rocket/RCS pack
    	Added Kerbal slots to launch tower, now at 16
    	Added forward RCS thrust to Gemini Realistic Utility pack took it away from rcs unit, moved rcs direction to real life directions
    	Added extra attach node to bottom of utility pack
    	Added 2 new Gemini Aft sections, They now more closely represent the real ones they are taller and have the engines in the right section.
    	J2 Now has textures
    	Partially fixed collision issue with the launch towers. The should be less destructive to your rockets.
    	Added J2 engine prototype. still needs textures but the model is done.
    	Gave the Mercury decouple a FAR drag parameter. Tell me if this needs to be tweaked
    	Fixed naming conflict with S1B wings and Winged Gemini.
    	Pulled out attach points on Towers to help with collision issues. Mind the gap!
    	Added S1B wings
    	Fixed balance issues with the lem and adjusted it's ascent module's center of mass
    	Legs for Lem are now Surface attach for easier multi purpose uses.
    	Added reflection textures to parts that should have them. Except the LEM, it was causing lag and was not a significant visual improvement.
    	If you have performance issues with reflections, delete the FASA/Plugin folder to return to the non reflection state.
    	Reflection shader should perform better.	
    	Added first 2 plugins Raster prop monitor for the LEM and Reflection shader.
    	Added first round of Apollo parts, S1B Engine plate, H1 Engine, S1B Stage 1 LFT, J2 engine TEMPORARY MODEL, J2 fuel tank, J2 Adaptor, J2 Fairing decoupler, 
    	LM 4x fairings and attachment plate. 
    	Added DennyTX's Lunar Module with RPM IVA, Ascent and Descent stage and engines, lander legs, RCS
    	Added Probe Mini Parachute, Do not use on live subjects!!!
    	Removed IVA from Launch Towers, it didn't work well and the Misc folder is all you need to copy for just the towers now.
    	Increased Atlas main engine vac efficiency.
    	Added more Geiger counter science definitions.
    	Explorer probe data and MiniGoo is collectable on EVA now. Current missions will have to be restarted to see the effect.
    	Added science container to Rescue G pod...
    	Added .15 gimble to Atlas main engine
    	Reverted the Gemini Lander legs to there previous less broken state.
    	Combined the atlas long and short fuel tanks textures.
    Previous release build-
    	Added H1 engine.
    	Added Geiger Counter Science part
    	Made Gemini Shuttle easier to launch...
    	Lowered thrust of LR91 to 255 and weight to 2.15- Balancing for upcoming Apollo engines.
    	Made MOL cargo bay easier to place. Moved attach points around.
    	Removed Empty IVA, was causing problems with other mods.
    	Fixed MOL stack bays and Cap, can now attach to things.
    	Adjusted the Collision on the Big G pod. Should help with exploding Big G syndrome.
    	Tried and failed to fix X1 legs, they work but the animation is now broken...
    3.7 Added launch tower, Redstone 1.25m Clamp and 2.5m Clamp, Atlas Radial Clamp, and Umbilical Tower.  
    		If your rocket "Pops" on load to the pad and is off center.  Reload your scene and it will fix it, sometimes. 
    	Added Stackable Equipment Part.
    	Added Mercury RCS thruster.
    	Added "Fairing" and "Cargo Bay" to part titles for FAR support.
    	Added Explorer probe and rocket parts 6 total...
    	Added Geiger Counter experiment.
    	Mercury Pod has RCS thruster part now, no more reaction wheel on the pod.
    	Increased Gemini LES thrust to 250.
    	Agena Antenna now weighs the same as other antenna's and science parts to make weight balancing easier.
    	Removed surface attach from Agena Docking.
    	Moved the MOL equipment to utility.
    	Fixed LR-91 Mini FX bug
    	Fixed Gemini Legs from falling through the ground and animation bug on white ones.
    	Increased Agena engine to 65. Decreased ISP to 395. Increased the mass to .45
    	Increased Agena FP Mono engine to 20. Increased ISP 415, makes a great interplanetary mono thruster now.
    	Increased the mass of mercury's parachute, now same as stock one. Helps with weirdness.
    3.6 - Added Remote camera. Lets you do remote crew reports.
    	Added Laser Mass Spectrometer, lets you do remote soil samples.
    	Added take data to pods and radiometer
    	Mini Goo™ Radiometer lowered xmitDataScalar to 25% to compensate for its smaller size.
    	Docking nodes are all at size 0, multiple docking node sizes are no longer supported in .23. 
    	Also fixed the control from here alignment bug in Big G Docking part. Should work with auto docking mods now.
    	Big G Docking now has retro thrusters. Will fix properly later.
    	Swapped the stats for the mini orbital bertha and mini LR 91, visual sizes make more sense with the stats swapped.
    	Fixed multiple control surfaces on Winged Gemini's control surfaces and Redstone fin from showing up twice.
    3.50 – Fixes
    Rotated cone to correct direction
    LES uses cfg points to model directly
    4X800Mini is now in the tech tree
    Agena probe is now named correctly and should not mess up the MIRV core. Crafts that had agena will have Mirv core instead of agena now.
    MIRV Core is now wider so warheads can be placed without clipping.
    Moved Gemini White pieces to there black counter parts location on the tech tree.
    Radiometer is now transferable from EVA like the goo container.
    3.34 - Added MOL Science, and Equipment module,
    Added 7 segment SRB,
    Added Agena Target Vehicle (Antenna, Docking, Probe, LFT, Flight Pack, Engine),
    Added Indexer to nose cone of Gemini, Added Gemini nosecone cap
    Adjusted mercury engine collision, Use a decoupler on the bottom as a launch clamp.
    Fixed Pod landing gear- Thank you Spann3
    Added 0 thrust RCS module to fix the exploding VAB icons,
    Added new tweakables to parts that use them,
    Removed 0 electricity from parts.
    Increased gimble on some engines
    Tweaked textures to lower moire pattern on high detail textures. Some are now .tga for better mip mapping.
    Decreased the crash tolerance on all the pods and other parts that were unrealistically high. Be careful now!
    3.12 -  Added fairings - more fairings, Added fins for Mercury Redstone, Added Gemini landing legs. Added white variants of the silver Gemini tanks, Added 5 Segment SRB's
    	Added fairing to Atlas Booster engine
    	Shortened the Mercury Atlas long LFT by 1m so it was more visually accurate.
    	Tweaked tech node placement of Mercury rockets.
    	Minor balancing on engines.
    	Moved LES (Escape Towers) to the utility tab
    	Added the Gemini LES to tech tree (specializedControl)
    3.0 - Added Mercury capsule, Mercury parachute cap, Mercury pod engine decoupler,
    Atlas main engine, Atlas booster, Atlas booster decoupler, Atlas fuel tank, Added part flags(they only show up at launch).
    Moved winged Gemini Lower in the tech tree.
    Lowered the bottom attach node on LR-87 so it did not clip when stacking.
    Added additional science storage to Gemini
    Lowered drag on Mercury parachute
    Increased the strength of the centaur attach nodes, was exploding under light loads.
    2.42 -LR-91 Lowered thrust, tweaked efficiency and increased mass, slightly better second stage engine than others now.
    	Fixed LR-91Dec, doesnt clip now
    	Moved Fairings to lower science tech nodes
    	Fixed some textures, converted everything back to .png saved 30mb
    2.41 - Added Science First pass on tech tree!, Gemini AeroNosecone(no Docking Port), Gemini Antenna and Goo Irradiation device
    Bugged- control from here on Big G Docking ring is off by 90 degrees.
    Added sounds to SRB - first pass may be buggy for some people
    Decreased mass of Redstone engine
    New Craft Files and Sub Assemblies
    Reduced efficiency of LR91 and LR87
    Increased thrust in MIRV
    Decreased thrust in LR91
    Removed the decoupler from the ICBM SAS
    Fixed small lander leg
    Fixed Redstone engine collision bug
    INcreased the resolution of Mercury Redstone fuel tank, (Blurriness was bugging me) 
    2.3 – Added Big G flight pack, Gemini Escape Tower, Big G modual, Big G flight pack docking part.
    	Added H2, O2, Rocket Fuel, RCS mini tanks
    	Gemini Pod RCS cap Now has 10 units of Mono in it
    	Removed the Reaction Wheel translation from the pod and SAS sytem.
    	Fixed collision on Gemini Pod, Should explode less on reloads
    	Added more detail to the SAS-RCS trusters.
    	Decreased decouple force on dark decouplers
    	Increased the torque required to break engines and fuel tanks, was too low and exploding rockets on the pad
    	Made MIRV and LES decouple then fire instead of the other way around
    2.0 -- All new Gemini pod exterior,RCS is on the pod now.
    	Combined the RCS SAS decoupler into one part
    	Two new parachutes, drogue and regular, both are stack-able and can surface attach
    	New nosecones for your rockets, in 2.5 and 1.25m sizes
    	New decouplers and wall fairings. Though I highly recommend you use the procedural fairings mod from now on.
    	2 new 1.25m engines, Mini Orbital Bertha, and Mini 4x800
            Removed the old parts not created by me and replaced them with new ones.
    1.7 -- Added the Mini Birtha engine
    	Added the new ASAS system 
    	removed the ability to gyro control Gemini without RCS thrursters
    Added the fairings I created from New NP to the LR87Twin
    Rotated the LR91 Fairing 45 deg
    The .20 update
    LR-91	- increased the weight slightly and efficiency, decreased thrust from 400 to 375, Tweaked collision
    Removed magic egg easter special. 
    Lowered the fuel level in the mercury small LFT
    Other bug fixes
    added Atlas craft file
    Version 1.2
    Updated some of the attach points to help with part placement. SRB's and some fuel tanks were difficult to place.
    Added 2 new parts, Atlas long cone, and Mercury Slim RCS tank
    Special thanks to Tosh, the original Gemini creator.
    NovaSilisko, Captain Slug and Tiberion for their help making this mod.

    Lots of pics!

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    Ah Mercury, how I missed ye!
    Remember Chobit.

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    Much better, this is the only stuff i would use in NP, so i no longer need to download a metric ton of other parts i shall never use

    oh my, i'm back on my old avatar!

    and why do i only have 10 posts, what????

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    Quote Originally Posted by frizzank View Post

    Small note: Gemini-Gemini never docked.
    They had the Agena-docking target for this task.

    During Gemini 76 they trained to rendevouz and then they flew side by side and/or around each other but no docking between Gemini capsules did ever happen - this was not possible because of tecnical reasons.

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    Hey man could you try and make a Saturn 1 or 1B
    The first stage was just 8 red stone tanks all hooked up together

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    Nice Mod!!!!!!!!
    Significant laggg though

    Any plans for a dedicated mercury capsule?
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    Quote Originally Posted by NelsonIñigo View Post
    I want the link of download. Please, is urgent. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manesag View Post
    Hey man could you try and make a Saturn 1 or 1B
    The first stage was just 8 red stone tanks all hooked up together
    8 Redstone tanks around a Jupiter ;)

    It would be nice indeed, but it should be better to finish Mercury and the capsule first

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    Quote Originally Posted by maro View Post
    Small note: Gemini-Gemini never docked.
    They had the Agena-docking target for this task.

    During Gemini 76 they trained to rendevouz and then they flew side by side and/or around each other but no docking between Gemini capsules did ever happen - this was not possible because of tecnical reasons.
    Your right they did not, they also did not fly from Kerbin, or were piloted by little yellow men, as well as a whole host of historically inaccurate things currently included in this mod as well as KSP.

    They did however carry a corned beef sandwich with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frizzank View Post
    They did however carry a corned beef sandwich with them.
    And I thought it was ham & cheese!

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