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Thread: [0.21] Kerbal LiveFeed: Passive Multiplayer Plugin/Client/Server v0.7.1

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    [0.21] Kerbal LiveFeed: Passive Multiplayer Plugin/Client/Server v0.7.1

    "Why play alone, when you can play alone together?"

    Kerbal LiveFeed is a plugin, client and server that lets you see other players are doing while you play KSP. You can see their vessels and orbits in Map View, read live status updates of their ships, chat and share screenshots and craft files.

    Installation and Usage:

    Download the archive and extract the contents to your KSP folder. Make sure KLFClient.exe is in your KSP directory.
    Run KLFClient.exe while KSP is running and connect to a KLF server through the client.

    Public Servers:

    Server Status Page


    Plugin+Client+Server (PC, Linux, Mac)

    Updated version by Velusip for 0.23

    Note that Mono is required to run the client/server on Linux and Mac.

    GitHub Repo
    License: GPL

    Version History:

    -Added screenshot backlog setting to server HTTP status reply
    -Fixed text formatting in the screenshot description
    -Player colors are more vibrant again

    -Multiple screenshots are stored for each player
    -New player color algorithm
    -Ship icons no longer jitter when moving camera
    Not compatible with previous versions

    -Update for KSP 0.21
    -KLF now goes in the GameData folder
    -Added button to hide orbits of other vessels
    -Somewhat fixed jittery ship icons

    -Added option to hide ship icons
    -Improved server flood prevention
    -Added server config setting for local address

    -Added screenshot flood limiting to server
    -Fixed client for case-sensitive operating systems

    -Added compatibility for KSP 0.20

    -Server can now view and ban player IPs

    -Fixed bug in plugin that caused menu toggle key to be set to F8 on startup
    -Client can be made to connect on startup by launching with command line argument "connect"
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    This seems too good to be true... what happens when you warp?

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    Dude, put it on spaceport no?When forum was down I was searching for this for like week and nothing!

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    Aha! Thank you for reposting this. I forgot to back it up when I reinstalled my server's OS.

    A+++, would buy again.

    Edit: Added

    May add a voice server if people use it.
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    Then other players see you warp. It's not actual multiplayer, but it'll show your positions in space via map view

    EDIT: Trying out the new version now and there some to be some letters missing in the chat, any idea how to fix this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by yoyo478 View Post
    I had no intention to land. I had an intention to kill every last kerbin on board. The kraken saved the kerbins lives.

    The ........

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGripenSaidWhat? View Post
    Then other players see you warp. It's not actual multiplayer, but it'll show your positions in space via map view
    Ah, I see. Thanks

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    This looks completely 100% awesome!

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    This is really cool but all of the ingame windows are missing text characters so its hard to use

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    This works as intended.

    PROTIP: If it doesnt seem to work; make sure you guys start the KLFclient up at the main menu before trying to load a saved game.

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    if your text windows are messed up, you need to run KLFclient BEFORE you start KSP.

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