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Thread: [0.22] B9 Aerospace Pack / R4.0c / New pods, IVAs, engines, fuselages & structures

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knas View Post
    Yeah I tried to redownload it several times without succes, I even updated WinRaR later but still no success :/
    I have also have had this problem in the past. I started to use FlashGet as a download manager and that fixed my issues. It allowed me to download the file correctly and faster. To use it it is a pain because you cannot copy the link from the spaceport directly. Get the link from the failed download from your browser. Firefox and Chrome store the link for failed and finished files even if the download was incomplete or corrupt. Paste the link inside FlashGet and no more failed downloads. Good luck and best wishes...

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    Which folders would I need if just wanted to use the cargo bay?
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    I've got a bug report/possible unintended action:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sabor View Post
    Sure thing! If it has wings I can fly it (Flying into the ground still counts as flying)
    Email has been sent

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    Does anyone have any building ideas for this mod?

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    you could try building drop pods using the cargo bays

    Edit: i only got the idea to do that after realizing that and checking that no one else has done it and it actually does work too
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    Any chance of getting longer LFO tanks to match the long fuselage sections to cut the strut count?

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    Any chance of getting longer LFO tanks to match the long fuselage sections to cut the strut count?
    I second this notion!

    (Hey, is "Reply With Quote" broken for anyone else? I'm having to copy-paste these.)

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    Yes, I think the whole forum has been acting odd for people using FireFox and/or Chrome since the update/maintenance going by the forum forum anyway

    Having no edit/format etc bars is kind of annoying too

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    Why is this happening with mirror symmetry?

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