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Thread: Community Discussion - KSP "flavors"

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    Community Discussion - KSP "flavors"

    There are tons of great mods out there but if anybody else is like me, they don't like to mix parts from different parts packs. That's why I've started thinking it's about time we had different "flavors" - complete parts packs that provide an alternative to the vanilla parts. These wouldn't be just some engines, fuel tanks, and decouplers. No, these would cover all the bases - aviation, space station modules, probe instruments - and then some, in addition to being high quality, balanced parts.

    Currently, I think KW Rockets is closest to this goal, although they have a long way to go. Their parts all look good and work well, and they're balanced too. However, there are no command pods, plane parts, or utility/scientific parts.

    I know ultimately it's up to the independent mod developers, but what do you guys think about an effort to provide complete, alternative KSP experiences?

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    I think it would be nice, I personally love KW, it really does its style well, and the relative clean-ness of its parts can fit with stock. It is however, a launch vehicle pack, and so we have no other things. Nova punch does exactly what your on about, I dont particularly like the style, however I would appreciate a KW everything else. I also think people would like a B9 launch vehicle pack.

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    I've wanted to do something like this for ages, but don't have the resources to do it alone. It's nice to see another person who want's a "total conversion pack". as I said it's something I've always wanted to do and am willing to do; I just need some fellow modders to help take on the inordinate task of producing 200+ parts and holding down a real life too.

    @DSLS I'm going to guess you have great community connections with your one post, however if you here from any active modders interested in doing something like this kindly point them in my direction.

    @tom1499 Novapunch lacks in many areas. Especially balance
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    I'm happy to mix parts - it feels like coloring outside the lines. I've been working on a launcher using stock, KSPX, KW, and KerbX parts.

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    Remember to get permission to redistribute from the mod creator and follow the correct licenses where applicable.

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