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Thread: Newspaper article

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    Newspaper article

    This is a concept for developers I posted in the other post by Custard Donut (In Space). But it is indeed Kerbal Artwork =)

    Right.. There are few mistakes like "exploaded" and "tesbed", and English is not my first language so writing is not perfect, but I think I set the right tone.

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    Love it! You should do more of these.

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    I love this

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    Awwww. As a Paradox fan this reminds me of Victoria II, with newspapers describing what is happening in the world. It would be so cool to have this in career mode. I assume you also want it to keep track of stats? Great work!

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    Nicely done!

    I found it a bit amusing that the "unreadable" article text is just a bunch of random words strung together.
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    Is that done with indesign?
    It would be great if the Kerbals' Newspapers did end up looking like this. It has that great newspaperish character.
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