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Thread: decouplers

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    im trying to stack tanks along side another tank nd when the fuel runs out use the decouplers to jettison the empty tanks.
    I can do this with 1 tank but if I use 2 tanks with 2 decouplers the 2nd decoupler does not attach so I have 2 tanks being held on with 1.

    I searched the forum and wiki and carnt find the info.

    also is it possible to stack the solid rocket busters so they act as 1? when I stack them they act as individual busters

    thx for any help

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    That's how it works, you only need one decoupler to hold onto your drop tanks.

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    you just need one decoupler per booster. If you need extra support for additional tanks, use struts.

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    if I only use 1 coupler per stack it wobbles all over the place and more than likely breaks free and blows the rocket up.
    i want to create something like the space shuttle (with liquid rockets instead of solid ones) with the boaster on the side but use 2-3 stacked together.
    if i use struts to secure say the top would they release with the decoupler ?

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    One coupler is generally enough; attach it towards the bottom of what you want to decouple, and use struts near the top. Be sure to set your struts (specifically EAS-4 Strut connectors) to run from what you're decoupling to what you've coupled them to, or else the struts won't vanish when you hit the decoupler and you might wind up with a catastrophic mission failure.

    Second question: possible to stack solid rocket boosters so they act as one? Yes - use stack decouplers before you put on the second set. Is it advisable to build a rocket this way? Not really. With SRBs you get the most bang for your buck right at launch - they help get the rest of your rocket going. After you're airborne, liquid fuel stages are more efficient. They also have throttle control; adjusting the throttle is how you get a good fuel-optimal ascent.
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    Struts break automatically when you decouple/undock in exactly the way that you would want them to. I've never had any trouble with them not disconnecting in the way that capi3101 describes (because of the direction of the strut install, that is.) The best reason to install from the child object to the parent is that the strut part is lost when the child decouples. This helps keep your part count down with very large vehicles and in the long run can help the game run more smoothly.

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