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Thread: Unlimited rocket fuel ?

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    Unlimited rocket fuel ?

    I'm teaching myself how to find my ship in orbit and dock, I would like to practice without running out of fuel and i've heard about unlimited fuel, can someone post a link to the mod or the "cheat" code please?

    Thank you!

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    ModifierKey + F12 (Alt for windows/mac, right shift for linux).

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    The ModifierKey is the Alt to the right of the spacebar, mine says 'Alt Car' on it.

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    Thanks, any tips about how to meet one ship to a space station? i got close once now i lost it and cant get back to it :/

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    You need to kill your velocity to your station early, to take into account how long it takes for you to decelerate. Target the station, set your navball mode to target by clicking on your velocity indicator, and burn retrograde until your relative velocity is 0 m/s. You are then at a dead stop relative to the station and should be in the exact same orbit. Use RCS from there to move yourself where you need to be.

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    Thanks for the tip ThatBum, I have docked several times in orbit from launch. twice in unlimited fuel for practice and once with no cheats.

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