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Thread: I want to learn how to build a space station

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    I want to learn how to build a space station

    Can anyone recommend anything to me? I've seen stations created by some people which are pretty good. One guy managed to send a gigantic space station up into orbit with one whole piece, while others did it part by part.

    So yeah what I'm asking about is any tutorials or mods which would help me achieve my dream, or indeed using vanilla parts. Cheers.~

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    My brother and me just cheated the hell out of it last week. Infinite fuel and RCS, Mechjob and above all; ORDA for auto-docking (5 modules, 4 fails. So 4 manually docks in the end.) But still, we had a lot of fun. We learned a lot. Our first time introduction to docking ever. I wouldn't say you have to start that way, but it's a option to learn more about the progress itself. Where to look for, what you need. Etc etc.

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    I guess you already know the basics, so now you need to know how to:

    Rendezvous and dock - (By scott manley)

    once you know that, the only thing you need is keep docking modules till you build your station.

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    Pretty much what others have said. Learn to dock (hard learning curve, but one of the most useful skills in the game), send stuff up, dock something to it, dock more to it, behold space station!

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    The trick about docking is getting an encounter (aunching at the right time ect.). From there its really easy.

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    I always forget to wait for a rendezvous, so I make a larger orbit and mess around with maneuver nodes to get an encounter.

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    I am also new to docking and wold like to know some tips. I've been trying to build a space station for a while now!

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    To me, the most difficult part is the rendezvous (especially if you want to save as much fuel as possible). Docking isn't that hard. I only had to get used to the keybindings.

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    Once I get docking down, how would I go about building the thing? Like what parts should I use?
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    Well, you build them with each dock. More ships docked = bigger the station.

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